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Is it time to worry??

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Since about January/Feburary of this year.. I've started having sharp pains shoot through the right side of my head.. near my temple, behind my ear, or at the bottom right side of my head. It started out being pretty rare.. and went away totally for a while. Recently though, it has been horrible and just today I had really sharp pains shoot through the right side (it always seems to be the right side) and this time it was from behind my ear all the way to the bottom of my head.

Craig is really worried and wants to me to research it on-line and go see a doctor... but we don't have insurance and really can't afford the bill.

Anyone have any idea what this might be? Have any of you ever heard of anything like this or dealt with anything like it? I will research it myself online.. or try to.. I just don't know where to start

Do I need to worry? Should I see a doctor immediately even if I can't afford it?

Sorry.. but its starting to get to me.. especially since today I had the pains repeatedly for about 15 minutes off and on... it was very painful.

Thanks and sorry for rambling.
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Cassie; Craig is right to be concerned. Find out if there is a free clinic anywhere in your area and make an appointment. There have to be clinics that base the cost on your ability to pay. It is a Federal Law! If you can't find one call a major hospital and ask their patients' social worker division to tell you where one is located. If not that try your local Welfare or Division of Family Services office. Do not waste time on internet research. Chronic or re-accuring pain in your head can be a warning of so many things from simple vision problems to severe anorisms or masses causing pressure in certain areas. I do not want to alarm you, as I have said, but you are too valuable to loose because you did not heed warning signs. I find your sweet peronality and innocent spirit an asset to this Site and would hate to think that a new, dear friend may be seriously ill. Please let me know what you find out. I also caution you against "over medicating" yourself against the pain with over the counter drugs like Excederine or TylenolII, etc. Craig and your "boys" and myself and all of us at the Site want you around for a long, long, long, long time.

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Good grief! Get to a doctor as soon as possible. Make a maximum effort to do so. Worry about paying the bill after you receive proper medical treatment. Don't try screwing around with Mother Nature on this: She won't give one whit for your bookkeeping problems. You will find the money if you want to; and there's nothing more important than your health.

If and when such an attack occurs again, go immediately to an emergency room — somewhere! If you must do on-line research, use it to find the right place to go for treatment. Surely there's a county hospital or some such public facility in a big city like San Francisco! Let the medical professionals make diagnoses; you just get your butt in there.


P.S.: I just now read Three-Legged Kat's post. Do what she suggests!
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Dear Cassie

Please, please, please, do as everyone has suggested...what is money anyway!!! They have organizations to pay for that kind of stuff...besides, you are what's important here, sweetie, not money.

Love &

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Cassie - Mother Myers has to agree with TLK and the rest! PLEASE seek help right away - your body is telling you something and you need to listen.
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Cassie I agree with everyone. Please go and see someone. You cant diagnose yourself by looking in books or on the net. Its probably nothing serious BUT you should never take a chance with your health and it should be checked out soon. Getting this done will ease your minds as well as this is a very stressfull thing to be thinking about all the time. Please make the money issue the last priority on your list. Your health is most important. Take care.
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Cassie - I live in a large metroplex, and there are quite a few hospitals that will treat you regardless of ability to pay. And they're decent hospitals too. Also, hospitals bill you after treatment. They're usually really good about payment plans.

If I were you, I'd wait until you have another attack, and then rush to one of these hospitals. You need to get it checked very soon, but try not to worry too much. I was just reading about migraines yesterday, and it could be something as simple as that (there's a specific migraine that does this type of pinpoint pain). But you need to be checked.

Please let us know what heppens. We're all very concerned about our fellow Cat Site friends.
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Not to worry you further, but I had similar pains like yours and
ended up having seizures because I didn't go to the doctors when they started. Now I am on medication for seizures and stress migraines and so far both of my seizures cost me around $5000.00 each time because I ended up in the emergency room.
PLEASE! PLEASE! don't make the same mistake I did! GO and see your doctor right away!
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you have been told. What you describe doesn't sound like migraines at all.It sounds much more serious. I had an accident in July of last year, and hit my head. I had the same symptoms as you, except the pain left me paralyzed while it was upon me. I went to countless doctors, had scads of scans, and finally was diagnosed with a form of epilepsy brought on by damaging the neurons and brain stem. I am on medication now to stop the cluster of headaches that would besiege me.

Don't mess around with this. Find a county hospital, a free clinic, go the ER when the pain hits, if the hospital upon admittance won't take you for insurance purposes, they will tell you at that time who will. This is something that needs to be addressed now! Don't wait, don't research, JUST GIT YOUR BUTT TO THE HOSPITAL!
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You've wasted enough time already. Get to a doctor. A condition that has been present for 8 months and is worsening should not be ignored.
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Please let us know what happens.

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DO NOT wait until you have another episode! Call the nearest ER and ask to talk to the RN on duty. Explain your symptoms and she will tell you what to do from there. I repeat DO NOT WAIT!

I follow this procedure anytime I am concerned about a medical problem. They are best qualified. Believe it or not, sometimes they actually tell me to wait and see and sometimes they tell me to come right in. What is happening to you may be minor. But it may NOT BE. If it is something serious, then IMMEDIATE treatment can make all the difference.

They are always very kind on the telephone and I have never once had anyone ask about my ability to pay. PLEASE CALL RIGHT NOW!
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Well, I see from your post on another thread that you're going to wait until a bunch of unrelated paperwork is done before seeking medical help — if then. So, how long will all that take?

Maybe we're not being clear enough in our assertions, so let me again say this: There are, especially in big cities like the one you live in, medical resources for people who can't immediately pay; and you need to be seen now, not when it's convenient for your relationship.

I give up!

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You are so sweet. I plan on seeing a doctor asap. Craig and I are currently looking for places that 3LK were talking about. So that when we do finally get billed it won't break us. We're calling around and speaking in advance about payment plans and etc. We're gonna pick whichever hospital is best for us.

I have decided.. through you all, Craig, and family.. that it is time to see a doctor. I will update you all soon as I know what is going on.
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Dearest Cass :angel2:

I'm so glad you've responded to our pleas. I was so worried..."why won't she reply, why won't she reply ...was the only thing I kept saying to myself. Thank goodness for Joe's last posting (thank you Joe!). I was getting a little worried that we were getting a bit harsh. I'm very happy that you guys are researching this, however, I hope all this researching doesn't take long. I realize you've waited some time now,...that's my concern. Please listen to your body. We really do hear it; it's just that we never want to listen.

Take Good Care of Each Other

Love, Peace &
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Cassie!!!!!! I hadn't seen this thread until now, so I didn't know anything was wrong...but I agree with everyone here!!!!! Get to a doctor ASAP!!!!! Bills be damned! Your health is far more important! I am glad you have decided to see a doctor....please, PLEASE keep us posted on what they have to say, and how you are feeling. You are a doll, and I have come to love you, in such a short amount of time that you have been here with us...and I want you to be here forever with us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Please don't ignore this...see a Doctor right away!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Hooray! You're going to see a physician!

I hope and pray you've not a serious condition. Please let us know what's what, when you feel you can. Thank you!



P.S.: Hey, everybody! Cassandra Starr's going to the doctor!

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If only she gets to see Marcus Welby!

Two ideas:

When I was putting myself through college in Boston, I had free care through Mass General Hospital because my income was below a certain level. I think it was $16K for a single person, and that was 10 years ago. I'm sure there is at least one hospital in SF that has a program like that. Check out the teaching hospitals, they are sometimes a little less costly because, to be blunt, you are the lesson.

And, we have just arrived in TX from Santa Cruz. Since we were self-employed and health insurance was expensive, I had health insurance through the state. The card says "State of California Health Access Program". They don't cover everything, but I did go to the ER a few times with my daughter and the bill we got was very reasonable.

Either way, BY LAW, the hospital cannot deny you treatment if you are in need, so show up and ask for help.

Take care of yourself! And don't mess with head pain! Your brain is very important!
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I just read this post! But, I agree with everyone else--- get to the doctor ASAP! Especially since it has been going on for a while and it is starting to get worse and bother you more! Hope everything turns out ok!
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I agree with everyone else in this thread to see a doctor ASAP. I have had pains as you describe and mine was sinuses. Sometimes the pain radiated into my teeth. Doses of sinus medication took care of the problem. That was my problem but please get it diagnosed. It might be something simple but you will feel so much better when you know for sure and get it treated.
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Sweetie! Please keep so posted on this! I've nothing more to say than what everyone has told you. I aslo have the same problem and know how you feel - please tell us what happened!
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I am reading through the older threads to catch up so I just read this. Any news Cassie? Did you see a doctor?
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