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It dawned on me last night.....

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That I really don't need a man. As I was laying cuddling with Jordan, I thought what do I need a man for. I have a warm furry body to cuddle with and the best part is he purrs before he falls asleep in my arms instead of snoring after he falls asleep & waking me up. (no offense to the men)
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I'll second that! No cold feet, either!

(No offense meant to anyone whatsoever.)
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...and no arguments, no hurt feelings, no expectations that are not filled....

Again, no offence meant
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Sometimes I feel the same way....and I'm married!
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Just one problem: HOW do you get the cats to scratch just the right spot on your back, without shredding it?

Besides that, when was the last time that a cat opened a new jar of pickles for you?

Men DO have their uses!
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Hmm..since mine are all indoor cats, I always know where they've been and who they've been hanging around!
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I've started to think that way too. Em doesn't care if I don't shave my legs, it gives him something prickly to rub himself against. He kills spiders for me. I just point to them and he goes running after them. He snuggles, smells good, and is always there to cry on.

I love my cat.

But I have to admit, I do like having a boyfriend. But without one I would be okay with Em and I against the world
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It would be wonderful if Graycie could change to human form. He's so loveable, he'd make the most perfect boy-friend/husband, but I think he would be mighty angry about a certain operation Oh well, atleast he's the perfect man right now
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I'm jumping on the bandwagon!.

No offence chaps, but Rosie understands when her mum is hormonal every month, gives me affection 24/7, never back answers back, and never whines!.

I'm not ruling men out altogether though

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I have to agree.

Lil and Leenie don’t care what I wear or how much I weigh!
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I agree! I just need my Max. He is never ina foul mood and knows how to comfort me when I am sad. He puts me to sleep at night and wakes me right before my alarm clock goes off. I just love my Max!
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This post is so funny. (And so true) Before I met my husband, it was me and my kitty Simon against the world. He's still my baby and he's still who I run to if my husband upsets me!

Believe me, I love my hubby, but when it comes to just having someone to vent to without worrying about them trying to answer back, help, disagree, whatever, nothing's better than the kitty cat!
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I don't want a man that's like a cat, but anyone that plans on being around for long HAS to love my kitty as much as I do (or at least like him a lot at first!). He's going to be a great tool in choosing prospectives.
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This thread was a good laugh.
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