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New member in my colony

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For the past week and a half an absolutely gorgeous smokey grey male has been hanging out in the yard. He is friendly and let me pet him within a day after showing up. Unfortunately, he is not neutered and by last night was spending a lot of time trying to assert his dominance over the very mellow boys in my group. So, last night I snatched him up and put him in a kennel in the garage. Today he is at the vet getting neutered & vaccinated. I hope the testosterone clears his system quickly so we (and the neighbors) don't have to listen to any more yowling matches in the night.
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Job well done!! Hopefully this does help. We found it helped with some of our ferals, but not all! Keep us posted.
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I just called the vet to see how Carlin (the new cat) is doing. Luckily he tested negative for FeLK and FIV (both of which were a worry for me since Scooter and Caruso tested positive lately). Whew!

Once I can figure out how to use my new digital camera, I'll take a picture of Carlin and the rest of the crew so y'all can see my sweet feral boys.
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Good job! You are such an angel for rescuing him!
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You go girl!
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I really have great respect of you all who does the TNR . Good job . Maybe he would be nice enough to find a home for
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That is what I am hoping for. He is friendly and even though he was obviously very frightened by being locked in the kennel over night, he let me pick him up this morning without a struggle. I think he must have been dumped at our house or he may have had a home when he was younger and then got the boot. He is a bit heafty, so he has been eating well -- though it easily could be that he has been eating the food I leave out for quite some time, but took a while until he was brave enough to show himself.

He will go on the adoption page of our local humane society as soon as I get that picture!

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Woo hoo! Another neuter success!!
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Sadly a lot of cats are treated that way .

That is great news that you will place him on your local site and the way you were talking about him I am sure he gets soon a home
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Wow, that was fast! YAY RENAE!!!!!!!!!!!

I wonder if he was a stray? There are too many people out there who just don't get it.... Either way, if he was a stray, you've done him and his family a wonderful service, and hopefully they'll find him posted at the humane society. Digital Cameras are wonderful things, aren't they?

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