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Kitty Ice Cream

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I was at the grocery store the other day, perusing the ice cream section & I noticed that they now carry ice cream for dogs and cats. I bought my cats some.

it's called 'cool claws'. they really love it. it is pricey. $3 for 8 teeny little cups. But I'll buy anything once
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As you know, my cat MooShoo LOVES ice cream and yogurt. I wonder if they sell that stuff in Connecticut?? Is it in the freezer next to the regular, people ice cream??


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i found it next to the ice cream. although I have to say, if you don't have any problem with feeding them regular ice cream, you should do that because it's ALOT cheaper.
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I have to check this out.I wonder if you can get it here. It is so darn hot up here lately. They would love it. They always want my yogurt but I thought it was not too good for them. Thanks
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Pet Co sells that stuff. I havn't given it to them yet. I am not sure if I want to, then they may be asking for it every day
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