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Please help. Cats chewing cords..

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I am somewhat new here so I apologize if I'm in the wrong forum. i have three kitties. A one year old, 7 month old, and I'm not sure how old the youngest is but he looks younger than 7 months. I've had the two oldest ones for about 3-4 months and just recently the two oldest have been chewing any cords they come across. I know cords are supposed to be kept out of the reach of any animal or child, but how can you keep computer or t.v. cords out of their reach unless you can raise your electrical outlets up high as well as your cords?? This is a two bedroom apartment and the dining room is just big enough for a dining table and their litter box. I'm desperate. I love them all so much and refuse to send them to a shelter of any kind no matter what it takes. I can afford to take care of them all properly - food, litter, the basics along with vet care 3 times a year. But cannot afford to keep buying cords. Not only that but it can be fatal for the cats. I say "I", but it's really my dad who pays for it all. All credit goes to him, and he as well doesn't want to see them go. But what can we do? We've put alot of effort into finding ways to stop them from doing this. We've tried "BitterEnd" for dogs and cats. It had no effect on them at first so I thought I should start spraying the cords more than 5 times a day...Still no luck. Right now I stay up for as long as I can to watch them. Nothing in their diet has changed. We feed them purina one - kitten formula as well as adult. I am here all day everyday and play with them whenever they choose to be playful. I've tried ignoring them hoping that somehow that would make them lose interest in the chewing. This has only happened recently. Nothing appears to be wrong with their teeth (we brush their teeth about once a week).. I'm sorry that this is so long, but I'm having a really tough time deciding on whether to keep them. They are like my babies and it sounds almost sick to me to even mention giving them away. But that is why I'm here - because I really need help. Any help and advice will be deeply appreciated. Thank you.. Oh by the way - they are all fixed..
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Don't get rid of your kitties for something they can be trained not to do. Chewing and playing is instinct for kitties. There have been other threads about this subject. One of the hints I picked up that works is PVC pipe. Run the cords thru the pipe and to the outlet. It not only protects the cord, but you can paint the pipe to match your wall and it cleans the look.
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Radio shack has flexi-tubing you can buy and you can run your cords through this stuff and keep it away from small kitties teeth. I buy a small bag of rawhide chews (for dogs) I just make sure that the chews are made in America- because foreign countries use dog and cat hides to make theirs- and I leave one or two laying on the floor for the kittens to chew.

You can also put Vicks VapoRub on the cords and cables- and make your home smell so pretty- But it keeps them away from these dangly toys. Invest in a cat condo, and some cat toys and it all else fails take an old wooden knee-high stepladder, brace it, tie toys to it and let the kittens play on that.

If you kitten does become electrocuted, knock the kitten off the cord with a wooden broom handle and get the kitty to the vet immediately.

Good luck! There is also this product available

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Perhaps you could try your local hardware or computer supply store - ask for protective sleeving to cover the cords. If you can't find any or it is too expensive, you could even try thin pvc pipe to protect the cords.

There's also a spray-on product available that is more potent than bitter end, called Fooey!.Click here to view Fooey! Try placing a citrus-scented air freshener near the cords - cats usually dislike the smell of anything citrus.

It may also help to provide something else for the kitties to chew on - you can find little narrow rawhide sticks at the store that are meant for dogs, but some cats like to chew on them, too.

Hope this helps.
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Wow, I didn't know that about the rawhides, Hissy! I'll definitely start checking labels now.
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I have one that still chews. And he is 7 yrs old.Drives us crazy... We do cut up leather belts and that helps a bit. But i must say we have to keep the cords upof put tubing over it. My husband Hates when Cosmo does this, because he chewed threw a computer cord, a heater cord, curling iron, and numerous cords on coats ,pants. Anything that is hanging. P.S. ALSO BLIND CORDS.... But we love him so..
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Dori never chewed on power cords, but she did chew on the chains on the coo coo clock. I got something at Petsmart called Bitter End (I think they also make Bitter Apple) it is a spray that is safe for furniture, etc. It stopped her from chewing on them immediately.
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Thank you everyone for your advice and ideas! I have tried BitterEnd..And they don't mind the taste or smell for some reason. But I'm hopeful once again, and will try making a cat condo and ask around at places like Radioshack. The rawhides are also something I will try.. I've tried belts and they just look at me funny.. Thank you again!
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You can also find the plastic tubing at automotive stores. I believe they call it "wire loom", at least that's what they called it at my local automotive store here. It worked great when Spike was a baby. Luckily he's outgrown chewing on wires.
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