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Strays in Lanzarote!!

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Having just returned from a weeks holiday in Lanzarote, i was so suprised at the amount of stray cats and kittens around the hotel where i stayed.

Some of them were friendly enough to let you stroke them, but others ran a mile.

I even had one who knew that it would be feeding time off me as soon as it saw me!. I think i bought the shop out of cat food!.

But this one in particular, must have only been a few months old, and some b@*%$£d must have snapped it's tail, beacause it was crooked.

But it makes me so mad at the fact that they allow the cats to have so many kittens?. Why can't they capture the kittens and get them neutered at least!.

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That is the sad story in many vacation resorts . Many hotels just kill the animals , it is cheaper for them . But those animals live off of the tourists who feed them . I remember 20 years ago I was in Greece for 2 weeks on vacation . They had a big problems with stray dogs . Some dogs even folowed you every where and all you could see were skin and bones . That is really so sad that they don't care for them and get the animals spayed/neuter .
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It is very sad to see some of these cats and dogs that hang around the hotels. Although they are prone to disease they often are quite well fed cos the tourists feel sorry for them. I dont know about dogs but I do know that cats that live in warmer climates are often quite skinny - something to do with the breed. Some of the Italian cats that are much loved and well fed are as skinny as rakes and look underfed! On a trip to Morocco I saw loads of cats playing in the dust and in the casbah but most of them had owners and were well looked after although it didnt look like it. they spent the warm afternoon sunning themselves on piles of carpet! It is a shame they are not spayed though as this would cut down on the diseases etc.
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What upset me most was my friend who is in the british army, returned from Iraq a couple of months ago, and said that out there, they have no respect for animals, be it a cat, dog or a donkey.

She said the way the children abused the dogs and cats was disgusting, but whenever one of the soldiers saw any of this, they would speak up for the poor animals and use their own hands to the abusers!.

I'd be serving life if it was me out there for what i would do!

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Us being us, we contact the GM of the place and discuss how to help them with their "cat problem." We take their card, and from home we print out info from "my" website (I put "my" in quotes because others volunteer and provide so much to the site) and a bunch from the links there (www.straypetadvocacy.org). We help educate people/places like that as to the reason for the problem and the best way to solve it - which is spay/neuter.

Here in the States there are often local orgs they can contact to help - or at least low-cost spay/neuter options available, if they're able to find an animal lover among their staff.

I don't know where Lanzarote is - but many European countries have excellent (and in the case of England) state-sponsored programs.
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Thats brilliant Laurie!.
Lanzarote is part of the Canarie Islands.

Here in the UK, the local councils capture as many stray cats and kittens as they can and have them spayed or neutered.

The kittens are not a problem to be rehomed, but the cats have been wild for so long, they can't rehome them, so are set free beside farms.

I'll be checking that website to see if there's anything i can do as well.

Thanks again.

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