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Patches (WARNING Graphic Story)

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Me and my friend had to pick up my brother from work tonight at 11:00. We picked him up and drove back to my house. We sat and chatted for a good hour before we finally decided to go inside. When my brother got up the stairs, Lilly, the feral kitten, was sitting at the door. She bolted it and ran under his truck. I got so excited thinking that I was going to catch Lilly tonight.

It was 1:00 in the morning and there I was, halfway under a truck trying to get Lilly to come to me. She started rubbing against something, purring and meowing. I thought nothing of it. My brother almost caught her, but she bolted out from under the truck and went under the house.

My friend went under the house to catch her while I blocked the entrance. She snuck right under me, I barely even noticed her. I swung my hand and got her scruff. That kitten is smaller than I thought, maybe 2-3 months old if even. She started hissing and scratching, I had to let the poor thing go.

Lilly ran back under the truck, or so I thought. I dug my flashlight out of my pocket and began my search once again. I went to the side of the truck where she was rubbing against something, and I saw an adult cat laying halfway under the truck. The Calico cat didn't move an inch. I thought "that's odd, I just made a huge noise and this cat didn't even flinch!" I figured it was just a stray that didn't mind humans. I looked closer and realized, she was frozen to death.

I ran in the house screaming and shaking. I asked my brother to come with me to identify the cat. She was Lilly's mother, Patches. That's why Lilly was rubbing against her lifeless body. Her own mother, frozen to death.

Me and my brother noticed something horrifying, half of her back was eaten. You could see her spine. The base of her tail was ripped off and there was a hole through her rib cage. The blood was still bright red, but frozen. This obviously took place not to long before we found her. I noticed that her tail was covered in about an inch of snow. We had about 5 inches fall tonight. It was -10 last night, just freezing.

I am still in shock as I type this. I swear I saw my own life flash before my eyes. Seeing that helpless cat laying there, her baby right beside her.

I am going to call the SPCA as soon as they open. I think the racoons got her. Their is no other explanation as to what could have done that to her.

Pray for Lilly until I catch her. I don't want this to happen to any other cats.
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OMG , what a nightmare mittle in the night . I am so sorry about the mom cat , may she RIP .

I will say a prayer for Lilly that you will catch her
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Oh no.... I hope you manage to catch Lilly. I'm so sorry about patches.
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Oh how sad - I do hope you get another chance to get little Lily
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OMG! I sure hope you can catch lilly soon how horrible!
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I fear so much now that my indoor cats will get out! I was so scared, I had to lock them in my room with me. It's so scary, I had bad dreams last night about it.
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Oh no!!! I feel so horrible for you and for Patches. Your heart must be breaking.

Is it possible that you have coyotes up there? They are spreading East in great numbers, though I don't know if they are that far north. The coyotes we have here are known to attack and eat cats.

My heart goes out to you.
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We do have coyotes, they thought they relocated them all. I saw one a couple of months ago taunting my dog. I am going to call the SPCA or Animal Control today!
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First, I'm terribly sorry for your loss. I hope you're able to catch Lilly soon.

While it is possible that racoons got her, I believe it's probably more likely some other animal. Racoons are tough critters, but don't normally attack anything of size unless they feel they, or their offspring, are threatened. Doesn't mean they won't attack a cat, just very unlikely. I tend to agree with lotsocats that a coyote (or possibly a fox) is a more likely candidate. Even though the authorities may have relocated the local coyotes, new ones will quickly move in and fill the open territory.

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OMG! I am so sorry to hear about Patches. How heartbreaking. I hope you can catch Lilly soon!
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There is always the possiblity that it was an owl too, the large ones, great horned owls are big enough to take cats. Eagles are big enough to eat cats as well.
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A great great horned owl took Majesty. We have two HUGE owls that prey on cats. Majesty was my indoor/outdoor bengal female. She went missing a month ago, a friend said there was on owl perched on a fence with a cat in his claws! I have no doubt in my mind that it was Majesty.
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Yes Owls will do that too . One of my neighbours behind me almost got her dog a chihuahua terrier mix almost snatched from a owl and was scared letting her dog out since . And it was in the late afternoon , not dark yet .
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Great Horned Owls, Barred Owls, Eagles (especially Golden Eagles) and (rarely) Red Tailed Hawks will take a cat or small dog. The difference it that these birds will usually carry it off before eating.

Sorry, this whole thread does seem to have gotten a bit clinical and graphic. Once again, I'm terribly sorry for your loss.

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OMG Tasha.. Did you find Majesty?
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Last year, Majesty left for 2 weeks. We thought she was gone forever. She showed up on the front porch the day Tigger left us. We finally got her to enjoy living indoors last November. She loved being inside! One day she escaped and has never returned. Maybe it wasn't her that the owl took, I pray she'll come back to me!
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