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Rosie's clingy!!

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Ever since i brought Rosie from the cattery last week, she seems to be more clingy than she usually is?.

All weekend, she hardly moved from my lap, and as i said in an earlier thread, she seems to have been more stressed this time in going to the cattery, as she spent most of the time hiding underneath her blanket when she was there.

I don't think anything untoward happend in the cattery, because she stayed at the same one when she was only a few months old, and Ann (The Owner) really fusses over all the cats in her care.

I just don't think i could put Rosie through the ordeal again if i go away, so i've had offers from friends who are willing to go in everyday to check on her, should i go away again.

It upsets me knowing she was upset, and everytime she looks at me, it's as if she's saying 'Dont leave me again'!!.

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Susan, I just went through the exact same thing with Trent. You can read about it here . We were gone for a week and they stayed home with a friend of mine coming over to take care of them. Trent acted the same way Rosie is acting now. Good thing is it only really lasted about a week. Even though it was sweet that he missed me that much, the clingyness got tiresome after a while!
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I know, i felt i could'nt move her off my lap because of what i had put her through!.

I've read your thread, and thats exactly how she is!. She would normally only lie on my lap for an hour, but has stayed curled up on me for 3-4 hours!.

She's slowly getting back to her normal self though.

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Give her time to adjust.

Before long, things will be back to normal and you may even start to wonder where your snuggly kitty went to.
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Seems like Rosie just missed you a lot. My cats know when we are going away, even for work. If they see us packing a bag, they get inside as if to try and hide so they can come along with us.
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Thanks everyone. She's back to herself 100% if not more!.

She lets me do something that she never used to, and thats to give her little kisses on her belly when she's lying on her back!.

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