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My dog is freaking out right now!

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I posted this here because no one is ever on any dog boards.

I've seen her like this before, during thunderstorms and at my mom's house (there's a window that rattles when the wind blows). But she NEVER gets like this at home when there is not a thunderstorm or fireworks. It's scaring me! She climbed into my lap and was shaking VIOLENTLY. Then she started looking around the room. What the? My other dog is calm, so are the cats. Now everytime a chinchilla jumps around in it's cage I jump. I got up to lock the front door, and I went through the gate that the dogs are not allowed through and she bolted through it and into the bathroom (that's where she thought I was going). I gave her some calms forte (herbal relaxant). She is curled up at my feet now rather than on my lap. The only sound I heard outside before this happened was a car's tires squealing

....okay, now she just jumped up and ran to the door growling. I waited a while and didn't see or hear anything, so I let her out. She's not barking. If someone was out there, she'd bark.

I feel better now

a little
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My Dog , Barrel-butt has these little freak attacks sometimes, they can be so scary. What's your dogs name? I'll keep her in my thoughts for the time being, I hope she calms down.
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Her name is Gypsy, she's a very neurotic border collie. She has some anxiety issues, perhaps it was a panic attack? Now that she's been outside to see there is nothing out there, she's calmed down.

My Kelpie, Leah, isn't phased by anything.

Did I mention it's 1:30 am?

LOL, I think I'll sleep with the lights on....
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My cats and the neighbour's dog as all a bit "wired" right now, a combination of the rapid change in weather, and the full moon, is all we can figure out.
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Dawn it could be nothing, but dog's sense of hearing is so acute she could have heard something she considers a threat. When Kenai gets neurotic with storms, guns, fireworks, cops on the property looking for a bad guy...she hides in the shower. I end up getting her favorite toy a kong, and playing with her to distract her from her fear. We also are aware now through a circumstance in the past, that if she is in the shower and there is NO storm outside, something is going on and it is best checked out carefully.
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