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Chicken soup wet food?

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I was thinking of switching to kitties to the Chicken Soup formula...they are on Innova now. I saw on the chicken soup website that they have just come out with wet food, has anyone tried it? I can't find it for the life of me! aaahhh!!!
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Oh! And has anyone checked out the Newman's Own Organic??

Just curious....hmmm...

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PetFoodDirect.com has it, in fact it is on special this month. My only problem with them is, they are right in Montgomeryville, PA, about 20 minutes from me, but they will not let you come pick up your order to save on shipping. I hate the thought of paying shipping when it's so close!

I know Petsmart and Petco don't carry the brand, I had tried a sample bag of it from Petfooddirect and the cats loved it. But it's not easy to find around here! So they stayed on Nutro.
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I've tried it.... my cats wouldn't eat it but they are picky. Mynx eats California Natural wet and won't touch anything else, Mabel is on a prescription diet. I did find gross things in it... which I guess cats don't mind but it grossed me out. In two cans that I had there were clear/yellowish jelly like tissue blobs...(not gravy, was definately some cut of meat...). The cans also get rusty on top which I guess is because they use a type of steel and not aluminum.
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Try checking with feed stores in your area. If they carry the dry version but not the cans, ask if they'll order some. They shouldn't have any problem with that if they think it is something that will sell well. My local feed store says they'll try to order some for me - I want to try it too.
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Both of these are listed as retailers for Chicken Soup in your town... check and see if you can find some.

Wolfingers Bristol Feed & Gra
1415 Elkins Avenue
Levittown, PA 19057

Worldwide Aquarium
1301 E Lincoln Hwy Bus Rt 1
Levittown, PA 19056
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Awh, thank you so much for looking that up for me! Unfortunatly, both of those providers sell only the dry and don't do orders.

Thanks again though!!
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