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Hola from Mexico

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Hi everyone. Sitting in an internet cafe in Mexico with a lovely tan(well maybe slight burn). We are having a great time. Flight was delayed leaving on Sunday by over 2 hours - ick. We dropped Sugie at the vet on Saturday. It nearly broke my heart - I balled my eyes out but I know that it was the best place for her. Merlin isn{t letting my cousins get much sleep.

Finally saw the cat at the resort that was a kitten last year. He is a scrawny scabby thing. I got a plate of food for me and 1 for the cat. He needs vet attention, but they don{t do that down here if it isn{t a pet. Hope you are enjoying whatever you are up to. I know that I am really enjoying myself. The weather has been perfect!

Chat with you when I get back!
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Glad that you're having a good time, ady. And that we get to go on vacation with you!
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Ady!!!! *waves* Hope you are having a wonderful time there and are taking tons of pics that you plan on sharing with us all after.

You're definately not missing much down this way. It is really cold!!!!!

Enjoy your vacation and have a drink for me.

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hey Ady!! Glad that you are having a good time! I wish I could go too!! Could you pack me in your luggage??
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Ady I'm sooooooo jealous. I wish I could go on vacation to Mexico, Shot anywhere would be good for me Have a great time on your trip
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sounds like your having a good time
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Ady, Sounds like you're having fun.. Keep it up Gal!
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Ohhhh, another one here *green with envy*. Sounds like you're having a grand time.
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You are so lucky to be there, it is so cold here in MN.
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Hey Ady! Glad you're having such a great time! I'm jealous!!
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Hi Ady!

Sounds like you're having a great time! Remember to use Aloe Vera for that burn, and have fun making your co-workers jealous with what will be a lovely tan when you get back, LOL! It is cooooooooold up where you are, so enjoy the warmth while you can.

Hope you brought your camera - we want pics when you get back!!!!!
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Hope you're enjoying yourself, and the sun. Have fun!
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