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Hey guys! Happy New Year and I hope everyone had an excellent holiday season! Gosh, I haven't been here in forever! How has everyone been? I missed you guys! I finished up my semester in school, went out of town for the holidays to see my family in RI, and am now back at work full time! Thank God! I love my job, I'm so happy to only have one class to worry about. 8 months of full time work before I have to go back to being a student.

Luna is huge . . . and very pretty. She's a huge snuggle-bug now that she's getting out of the psycho-kitten phase. She's laying sprawled across my lap as I type this. I'll be sure and post some pic's soon. She's just a big ball of fluffy white fur; it's like having a blanket on my lap.

Well, I guess that's it for now . . . I'll be back on a more regular basis, now.
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Hey Viva!!! Missed you, girl! Give Luna some scritches from me. Hope to see you around!
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Welcome back! I really missed you! I have been wondering how you were doing, how single life was treating you, how Luna was doing etc...
Sooooo, post some pics of your cute white fluff and tell us all the details how you life has been!
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hey!! Glad that you had a great holiday!! Welcome back!
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Welcome Back Viva! Glad to hear that your Holidays were fab!
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Welcome back Viva!! Oh, I can't wait to see pics of pretty Luna. Hope you had a great holiday and time away from here. So how is single life treating you???
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Hey welcome back Viva! You sound like things are going well for you and I'm so glad. I can't wait to see the new Luna pics!!
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Welcome Back
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Viva, sweetie its so good to have you back! and Luna too!
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Good to have you back, and hearing a good update!! Can't wait to see new pics of Luna.
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Thanks, everyone! Heidi, single life is pretty good . . . it's lonely sometimes, though, now that I'm living by myself (except for Luna, of course). It's the first time I've ever been the only human being in my home. Luna's wonderful, to be sure, but I miss having someone else to cook dinner for, talk to, etc.

I'm just dating casually for right now, I've made it very clear to everyone that I don't want another commitment for quite awhile. I'm just focusing on my work and the one class I'm taking the semester. I'm going to give myself ample time to get used to being single and get every aspect of my life back in order before I try to bring another person into it again.
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Viva, I have to say that I LOVED being single. Sometimes I wish I could go back to that point in my life, only I would have kitties. Enjoy it, even though there will be down times. There is definitely something about not having to be responsible to anyone else that is so liberating.
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