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Check out my NEW bumper sticker

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ROTFLMAO!! Before I stick this thing to my bumper, do you think the parents at my son's school will take this personal?

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Especially if that cat is GoGo! LOL
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I hope you are driving a sportscar, Kim, because you might have to make a speedy getaway.
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LOL Kim & Mary Anne!

Edited to add and Deb!

You guys are too much!

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LMAO I love it!!!!
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I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And yes, I think they might be offended!
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OH I want one!!!!
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How can they be offended if it is true?

I was going to get one of those, I saw them on eBay. I know Question has figured out how to open my nightstand drawer, how to unplug my alarm clock (my boss didn't believe me when I called in late because "my cat unplugged my alarm clock"), turn on the basement lights, and fetch the leash when he wants to go outside.
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That is too funny!
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Love it!
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Kim just don't make it a permanent fix and you should be okay!
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You guys are SO COOL! (Another reason I adore this board) Here's the scoop, though...... My son attends a private school and AS FUNNY AS I THINK this bumper sticker is, my bet is that I will have some seriously Peed' OFF mom's if I "sport t" this bumper sticker on my Ford Explorer. My humour is so bizarre at times... Geeze what's a silly mom to do?? At the very least, I can show it off to all of cat lover friends, Right??? LOL!!

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I want one! I want one! That's so funny who cares if they're offended! (Especially since it's true I'm sure.)
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I Love It!!!
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I want one too
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lmao that's cute
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I am SO tempted to put it on my bumper but I am thinking I shouldn't GO there because my hubby said, "That's one way for me to quit driving your Explorer" --Anyway, with my sense of humor, the crowd I am around may not "Get It."

At least, I just knew that my Cat Lover friends would appreciate the humour!!

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That is VERY funny. And, yeah, I reckon some of them might get their noses out of joint -- but, hey, if they're accustomed to your sense of humour, maybe you'll get off with no more than a few pained looks
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Though having spent one year at a private school, you never know who you'll upset. I found the atmosphere to be very political.
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I spent 5 years at a private school. I hated it. Then again, it was a catholic school run by nuns.
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I say go for it... the sticker is probably true. (I KNOW Spike is smarter than some of the people I work with. )
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Yeah stick it on Kim and then if they get offended and then send them here so they can learn about how smart cats really are.
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Hey Kim, I wouldn't worry about putting on that bumper sticker. With everything going on these days, I would laugh in the face of anyone who took offense. -maybe if the implied remark was against dogs you'd have a problem. (Everyone roll their eyes like this... )
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I got a couple from Hot topic in the mall the other day.
One says : my cat can beat up your cat. the other one says I cats. I haven't put them on the car yet though, to darn cold!!!!
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I love it!

You should get one of those bumper sticker holders that let you slide it in and out.
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Originally posted by Purr
I love it!

You should get one of those bumper sticker holders that let you slide it in and out.
Hey thanks! That's a cool idea. Where would I find one of those thingys?
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