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Cat Toy

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They were showing a toy on QVC called "Panic Mouse Interactive Cat Toy." Does anyone have this toy? If so, how do your cats like it? It looked like something my cats might play with longer than 5 seconds, which is their usual norm. I'm trying to find something to occupy my 9 month old, Abby. She just will not leave my 13 year old, Gizmo, alone. She also torments my other 3 year old cat, Spencer. But, unlike Gizmo, he's a willing partner. Who knows. Maybe Gizmo and Spencer will like this toy, too. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.
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I have one of the laziest cats on the face of the earth, usually he won't play with anything that requires him to do anything but lie on the floor and wave one paw in the air. And he has the best toy ever invented, a Motor Mouse.


He plays with this for hours, by himself. I hear him in the night, batting the little mouse around the track. And he lies on the floor, peering into the tunnels, to look for the mouse. And sticks his paw down the track to try and fish it out. And runs around and around the toy, hunting down the mouse. Two cats can play together, batting the mouse back and forth between them.

We all love the Motor Mouse.
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Sammie - Sam must get so frustrated at not being able to catch that mouse
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He has great faith in his hunting abilities. He is a great and mighty hunter. And not too smart, so he doesn't realize that its the same mouse always getting away. He hunts for a while, and then struts over to his food dish and eats his reward meal.
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I got Rosie a mouse that you wind up and it spins and darts across the floor, but she hates it!.

Her latest toy is flicking bits of the new 'wood base' cat litter that i got her down the stairs!. Shes occupied for ages with it!.

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I got Panic mouse for my kitties. IN fact I posted pictures of them playing with it in the Fur Pictures Only forum. Gave it to them for Christmas! Henrietta and Hallie love it! Peaches is thinking about it. Jake is amused by it and watches closely. I got mine at Petco for $21.95. It's a cool cat toy! Here's a link to the pictures I posted.

Big Christmas Hits!
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I got the Panic Mouse Interactive toy for my lot about a month ago. It has had a rather mixed reception. It has the furry ball with ribbons on the wandy thing but when they have pulled off the ribbons they lose interest! It was bought for my very overweight Katy to get interested in just moving around a bit, except for lying on her back with the one paw wave, but she is not all that keen. Not a total waste as my little Dirt likes it. I think you do need a lot of room for it though as it does spin in a wide arc. Its a shame you cant get in on a trial as it is a bit pricey when NO ONE will play with it for more than about 1 minute. The bestest toy EVER is the laser light (except Katys not keen yet again on anything that makes her move away from the food bowls) My old Tulip just loves this light and will hurl around like a kitten again shedding 17 years in a leap! Might have a go at that Motor Mouse thing - it just looks so frustrating though.
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Sam loves the laser light, but he has figured out that he won't catch it.

I put the battery in the motor mouse this morning, and Sam loves it even more, if that's possible. The motor is set up so that a cat paw will stop the mouse running, and he can even bat it in the opposite direction. So he lies in wait, and grabs the mouse as it goes by. I don't think he is frustrated yet, and he plays with it several times every day.

Last night he slept on top of the motor mouse.
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I think I have been converted to the Motor mouse idea. It sounds really cool. Unfortunately I have been on pet sites and cannot find a stockist in the UK. I know my local store only has the cat powered version but i like the idea of battery powered. Any one out there know where I can get one before my Katy takes it into her head not to move at all!
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Very interesting - thanks for the feedback everyone.

Moving this to Cat Care where more members can find it when looking for cat care issues.
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Originally posted by Sammie5

Last night he slept on top of the motor mouse.
That is both funny and adorable. I can just picture it. "my new best friend".

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Zoey & Saki love the Panic mouse, but Zoey broke the black ball off of it the first day

I had to rig it with fishing wire tied to a mouse's tail instead
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Thank you all for the feedback. I think I will order it from QVC. They have a thirty day, unconditional money back guarantee, so if my cats won't play with it, I'll just send it back. Thanks again!
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patches doesen't play with toys much anymore buy alley
loves her toys.my daughter gave her a beaded necklace
that she just LOVES
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I have seen it in stores but it's way out of my price range on stuff for the cats. So i bought a 5 dollar remote control car that Blade chases around the house for hours on end if we let him. He even pounces on it when it's turned off. would love to beable to get one for him and Willow. But willow isn't much of a player she purrrfurs to just cuddle and watch. Silly girl.
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