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So thrilled - for my wife

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This may sound a bit stupid - however, you all recall that I had the vasectomy in August as not safe for my wife and I to have kids anymore. Carol ran a risk of being 100 per cent deaf following massive complications at the end of her pregnancy. She is now half deaf - totally on one side.
Anyway, following last months news that she can come off her pill ( been on it 14 years), her body today decided that it was the first time for her monthly cycle thing without any help from a tablet to start it. She sent me a text message to tell me.
Finally, it looks as though she will start getting control of her body for the first time in 14 years and I am 1 million per cent thrilled for her. Okay - I accept shes snappy, tender, hot , cold, lovey duvy, competely irrational at times and everything at this time of the month - but I am just delighted that she does not rely on a tablet for the first time in her life.
I apologise sincerely if this is not to everyones reading - however, you have all been great with me and supportive and as pathetic as it is - I am so pleased for her.
Best thing I ever did getting done at the same time as the cat!
Thanks for everything guys and for your support and of course - mainly to all you women out there who have been incredible.
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Kev, I haven't been around the Lounge much for quite a while, so I hope my congrats doesn't seem misplaced without having known about the problem. But this sure sounds like something to be incredibly happy about, and you as a hubby sound so supportive! I'm thrilled for your wife, and I sure hope she continues on the path to good health and having her body work the way it's supposed to without medical support.

Is there any hope her hearing will return, or is she deaf in the one ear at this point and that's the way it is? Either way, it's wonderful she has hearing in one ear.

Great news!
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Way to go Kev. Good Attitude to have.
This Is Cindy's DH. Since we had her "spayed"
last march She has been alot better that time of
month.Atleast it is not all month long
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hi there and thanks for the message. At the latter stages of Carol's pregnancy- we had a lot to cope with including a heck of a lot of stress. This was caused by the loss of my grandmother 300 miles away and Carol was due to give birth in a fortnight! For some reason, the death of my gradmother and staying away from home, organising a funeral, grief etc as well as a lot of travelling to get my father in from canada inc hotels etc- it was all too much. She ruptured just about every blood vessel in her left ear and there was a small tumor that was not safe to remove. This was all found out some months after our son was born. Carol has been permenantly deaf on her left side for about 4.5 years now - the hospitals and tests all have said that a 2nd pregnancy could see loss of hearing in her right side and that would mean she will never hear again from either side. They were 98% sure was the figure I think that it could happen again, therefore, a couple of years later, I decided that as no more children were going to happen, to get snipped. Carol has been on her contraceptive pill 14 years (I have known her nigh on 10). Given that I am now all clear - she has come off it and today - her body started naturally, what she ahs not been able to do naturally due to the pill for 14 years.
For me being a man, its a milestone for her and one that I am thrilled about as all I ever wanted was for her to be off that tablet once and for all. Now she is - well I feel great for her.
Hope that gives you a better insight. Its not that bad - I can say things to her on one side and she dont hear a word am saying.. normally I dont get away with it though!
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Kev, I had no idea that a pregnancy could cause deafness - I have a friend who is deaf and her genetic condition causes her to lose some of her eyesight during pregnancy which is a scary thing for a deaf person (believe me, I know, I am deaf ).

I am so glad that all is going well for you both, and I am sorry that it cost some of Carol's hearing.
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Hi - I would stress here that Carol was an isolated incident and that pregnancy does not always cause, if ever, problems. The worst pain there was when carol gave birth was when she crushed my hand. It took three days to get feeling back in my fingers. This was just one of those terrible things caused by a massive amount of stress and it led to complications - nothing else and no one please take it any way. I loved it when she was pregnant - laying there at night and carol snugged into my back and me getting 10 bells kicked out of me as he tried to get out early!!
Am sorry to hear about your friend. Hope she gets a lot better.
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Kellye, my thoughts are with your friend too.


Kev wrote:
I can say things to her on one side and she dont hear a word am saying.. normally I dont get away with it though!

My trick is just to never say anything I don't want DH to hear, LOL! Muttering doesn't work either....

Thanks for filling me in. I'm so sorry you won't have a larger family (unless you decide to adopt), but I can certainly understand not wanting to risk it. Seems like the odds were working against you and you made a wise decision. And again - just great news for your wife!
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Kev you know how I feel about you, you're such a sweet man. Congrats to your wife and I'm sorry to hear about her hearing. Hugs from NZ!!
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hey Kev,

I'm thrilled for you too!!!! Happy that finally things are on its right track and Carol can come off the pill...I've been on the pill for 2 years and it sucks big time.... glad that she could come off it... but i'm sorry to know of the complications of the pregnancy... it must have been tough for the two of you at that point in time... nevertheless, i'm happy for the both of you!!
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Hi Kev!

That's great news for you both.
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So pleased for you both.
Sending a massive headbutt from Rosie for both of you!.

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Glad that things are working out, Kev.
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Kev, I really admire you. Most men would never do what you did despite the fact their wife was being disabled and incapacitated. I'm proud to number you among my friends.
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Kev, this is just wonderful news for your wife. I can imagine what it is like...I am about to be 22 and I have been on birth control since I was 16. So, I have always felt a little weird that I always knew when my time would be every month...Anyway, my point is I really don't want to be on b.c. many many years, so as soon as we have children one of us will have the surgery. But...we aren't planning on kids for another 3 or 4 years (so I will already be on it for 10 years!!)!

Anyway, I am so glad for her!
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Thanks for all your comments and understanding - you guys are the best.
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