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20 lb. foster arriving Sat

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We've had such wonderful luck with adopting out out foster cats that now we have room for more. I got a call from the rescue organization today. They told me about a 20 pound, orange tabby male that is extremly friendly, but tends to scare other cats. Since we have a four bedroom home, we have the ability to make 2 cat rooms. So, we are going to keep him in one room and the others will stay in the original cat room.

Mine is the third foster home that he's been in. Apparently, he's so big and playful that he scares the bejezzus out of all of the other kitties. The kitties in his two previous foster homes have started having accidents because they were nervous around him.

They assure me that he's very sweet, but VERY playful, so it looks like we've got our work cut out for us. I must buy many more toys; Petsmart here we come!!!

Along with this wonderful young man, we will be getting in another orange tabby male, but this one is small and a kitten. Should be interesting.

Wish us luck,

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Karen, what a wonderful problem to have, LOL! This is such a great thing you are doing - and I'm doubly glad you've had success adopting out the kitties.

I wish you all the luck in the world. We had a big orange feral that is probably close to 20 pounds now - and he is happy as a lark in his new home. As opposed to your boy, this guy was one timid giant, but he's finally opened up and has apparently become the alpha - to the acceptance of the other cats without much trial and tribulation, LOL!

I'll keep your big boy in my thoughts and prayers, and I sure hope you'll either find him a home where there are no other kitties - or that you'll be able to help him figure out how to "play nice."

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Good luck on your new kitty
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Karen, that sounds like my Sasha, an 18 lb front declawed (we adopted him that way) Ragdoll, who thinks he is still a kitten. He plays rough and tumble, just like kittens do. The other cats gave him a wide berth when we got him until Blondie convinced him that HE was the alpha! But when we got little Question, who was 5 weeks old at the time, Sasha found his playmate! They play rough as heck, but never hurt one another. (Question is almost 6 months old now). Sasha will go looking for him and nudge him with his nose until Question gets the hint (which usually doesn't take long LOL) and the wrestling begins! Afterwards, they groom one another and fall asleep together. Too cute!
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Good luck on fostering this big boy!
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Oooooo......gigantic red tabbies are my favorite cat of all! Please post pics when you get him home!!
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I wish I were closer, I would take him in a minute. I had a 22lb. red male tabby, and he was the dearest cat I have ever had. He was pretty mellow, but he could do some real damage to the house when he started his playful spells. He was SO much fun, though. The others would just take turns playing with him until they wore him out.
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