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Check your bathroom/bedroom etc. for a hidden webcam. There have been far too many incidents of perverted landlords or house janitors breaking into women’s apartments and secretly filming them.

Have you recently refused to go out with someone? I refused to go out with a guy once who then (amongst other things like telephone terror) went to the police and told them I’d stolen money from his house. I’d never even been there. Fortunately the police believed me and saw him for what he was. I've moved house since then too. You never know how far these weirdos will go.

Good luck and be careful!
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Mace is illegal in many states, I still carried it after my attack though. Shell, call the police and report this (just the regular number) and ask for their advice. Your car can be broken into very simply. I can break into a Toyota in a couple of seconds. Many apartment doors can easily be opened with a credit card. Whoever said that if it happens again to not enter the apartment is correct. Go to a neighbor and ask them to call the police and have the police go through the apartment for you.

Now, if it is you instead of a stalker you need to go to your doctor and get checked out. This can be a sign of bad health too.
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The first thing that crossed my mind when I read your post was a Poltergiest, but I'm always thinking supernatual type of stuff. I'd rather it be a Poltergiest than some person messing with you.
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OMG SHELL! Be careful. I am glad that your furrbabies didn't get out since the door was cracked...keep us updated sweetie!
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Shell, I think you should be extra-cautious in the immediate future, but I wouldn't rule out your having had a "PB" day. I have a long commute to work, and generally leave our house around 6:45 a.m.. There are days where I simply operate on "automatic pilot", which generally works, particularly since I'm one of those neurotic people who double-check that the the coffeemaker, etc., has been unplugged. A couple of years ago, my husband had the day off, and when he got up, he discovered that I had put the toaster and my dirty breakfast dishes in the fridge, and the butter and milk in the dishwasher. When he told my parents about it, my mom dubbed me "PB", for pigeon brain.
On the other hand, you are a young, attractive female living alone in an unfamiliar city, and thus the perfect target for a stalker. You probably should arm yourself with pepper spray, spray perfume, hairspray, etc.. Whatever works, use it, and make sure your cell phone is charged up and at hand. If you find your apartment door ajar again, don't go in - call the police from a neighbor's, or go back outside where there are plenty of people around, and use your cell phone. Nebraska seems so "corn-fed" that most people probably don't feel that they have to worry about crime, but the state has also experienced terrorist attacks against abortion clinics (Bellevue), sect crimes (Rulo) and hate crimes (Brandon Teena murder).
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You be careful, you hear me?!?!?!

My first thought when I read that mace and pepperspray were illegal was Aquanet too. Or, to go with what Cindy said, take a trial size bottle of hair spray with the pump sprayer, dump the hairspray and fill it with amonia or even bleach. Something with the BIG warning on the bottle to avoid contact with eyes. Mace may be illegal but I hardly think they could possibly arrest you for carrying amonia or bleach. And they are also right - no prosecuter in the world would try to go against a woman protecting herself.
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If ANYTHING unusual happens again, please report it to the police. Also, most police departments either offer or can refer you to a good self-defense class.

Wal-Marts in our city don't sell pepper spray, either - but you can buy it here at auto-parts stores, gun shops, & lots of other places.

If there aren't any classes in your area, this book is supposed to be very good. My (ex-cop) brother recommends it.

stay safe, girl!
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Happy to report that nothing strange happened to me today. But I've been super anal about keeping my eyes open for anything out of the norm.

I'll be purchasing some aerosol hairspray for my purse tomorrow. I also have to stop by the apartment office tomorrow to return a key that was left behind by maintance today, so I will ask them about it while I'm there. Hopefully, they will let me change the locks or tell me if someone happened to come in yesterday. I did notice one thing about my door this morning when I was leaving. I had slammed the door (like usual) & just happened to push against it...and it opened. So, I don't know if the latch isn't holding or what, but I'll draw it to their attention.

Thanks again everyone! I'll keep ya'll updated!
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