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Kittens Growing.

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The kittens are growing. Cash is such a good mommy. She is upstairs with us when the kittens are sleeping and if anyone goes near them she is right there beside us..

I have named one of them. The kitten that is grey I named whiner.. All it does is cry. The other ones cry and eat and sleep the grey one cries when it is asleep as well.. But I am enjoying these kittens and so is the mother.

As for keeping them I am not sure yet. I am thinking of keeping the calico because she is a suck... Oh yeah The grey, and calico are females and the black on is a male..

The calico loves to be held and sleep in my hands.. She also does not mind may two year old holding her neither. The other ones hate it..

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Oooh, kittens! Aren't they adorable? I'm glad to learn Cashew is such a good mother. Please keep us posted on this "growing" situation!

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It's absolutely amazing how quickly little kittens grow! Muffy's litter is grown and gone already, and it seems like they were just born! Of course, I kept one, and he's a wild man. I thought he was going to be a calm kitty, but I may have been wrong. He's already figured out how to get in the kitchen cabinets, the ones with baby locks! But you gotta love them!

Keep us updated on the little ones' progress.
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