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Bye for a couple of days...

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This is just to say goodbye everyone and see you hopefully on Sunday or Monday - not sure yet.

We're moving into a new home - spent all day packing and we're just about to leave. I expect I'll be offline for at least 2 days. I'm leaving the forum in the trusty hands of the moderators.

There will be no updates on the site as well - but I promise you there will be new stuff when I return!

Take care!

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Good luck with your move Anne!! We will look forward to hearing how it went!!
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Hurry back!
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I'm back!!!!!!

So good to be by the keyboard again! I missed you guys!

We're still unpacking and slowly getting things together. It'll probably take a few more days.

We have moved to be next door neighbors to my in-laws, so we're lucky to have anything we need in the handy until we settle in. They're actually on a trip to India at the moment, so we live in their house until we get ours ready...

The cats were absolutely terrified when we brought them over. We took them with us the night before the actual move because we didn't want to stress them with actually seeing the movers come and take their home apart. That was a wise thing to do - we had them safely locked up in one of the rooms at my in-laws place during the whole thing. The drive itself was stressfull enough for them. They kep crying in their cages the whole time, poor little things.... They're much better now - curious and playful as ever. They can't wait to get out of their room, but we only let them out when we can be with them and see that they're safe and that their suroundings are safe as well My MIL is an artist and the house is full of her paintings and sculptures. I don't want the cats to cause any damage.

Anyway, I'll go and do some work on the site. It needs the weekly updating. I'll come back and post later today.
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Welcome back!! I am so happy things are going smooth. I am sure you are tired though. I keep thinking back to all the times I had to find new homes for everything. Make sure and put your feet up at night...you don't want to start with the swelling yet...
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Well, I try to get as much sleep as I can... I've been getting some odd looks from hubby yesterday when he got back from work and found me sleeping... Poor thing, he's working so much harder than me at that whole moving project...

But I am terribly tired and nauseous the whole day long. Why do they call this morning sickness? I feel sick from late morning into the night. About the only time when I'm not naseous is the very first hours of morning

I guess everyone is different with these things...
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It is really good to have you back! Things aren't the same here without you!! Glad ii is going well (except the morning sickness)
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Morning sickness? I think congratulations are in order then. So...
I thought something was up when you said there was good reason to feel nauseous in another post with the cat litter cake.
I'm happy for you.
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