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I hate decorating!!!!

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I've spent the last 6 days decorating my living room and have come to the conclusion that decorating sucks! One coat gloss actually requires 3 coats to cover the gross orangy pink colour woodwork the last owners used, and if I have to paint anymore magnolia I'm gonna go snow blind!!!!

Yesterday I painted the chimney breast ocean blue, absolutely gorgeous colour, and cleaned up all my mess. My other half had to cut in around the celing cos I'm scared of heights and wouldn't get on the step ladder. Quite a smart move cos when he got on it, it buckled (it was up right but the metal actually bent!) and he catapulted ocean blue vinyl emulsion all over the cream walls and curtains, we thought we were safe with the curtains cos they're nowhere near the wall we were finishing off. Luckily he was okay.

I can laugh about it now, but last night it was not a laughing matter! We've just finished clean up and re-painting and the carpet is being laid tomorrow..... I just hope it goes without a hitch (I bet they turn up with luminous pink carpet or something!).

Anyone else had decorating disasters???
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I painted 3 walls this weekend by MYSELF.... I started on Saturday, and continued on Sunday, and on Sunday and yesterday, I could barely walk. The colors I am painting in our living/dining room are flask and bordeaux. They are Laura Ashley's colors, but I went to Home Depot and they used Behr paint. So far, the room looks awesome. I have about 4 more walls to do, and I am done. I used a few coats of the bordeaux color. I managed to get some of it on our grey carpes, but i will get it to come out somehow. I was going to faux paint one wall, but have chickened out so far.
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I do all the paintings in my house , since Mike hate painting . Well , He helped me paint the cat enclosure and I am very thankfull for that . Now Mike wants to re do the livingroom , dinningroom and hallway . Take a guess who will do all the painting . Yea , me .I just finished the insite of the cat enclosure last week .While I was painting Mike told me there is a other gallon of paint in the shead (sp) . Well guess what . Right , there was non left of that color .So I endet up using some old paint we had a few years now and luckly it turned out ok .
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The previous owners painted the woodwork orangy pink???!!!!!
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Lorie D. The previous owners painted the woodwork orangy pink???!!!!!
It's a truly gross colour, they very kindly gave us all their left over paint..... I don't know what to do with it, it seems a shame to throw it away but I don't know anyone who would use it.
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Have you been using Killz or any other primer? That would help. I know in one place I lived though we had to do two coats of Killz, but that did the trick.
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Thanks for the tip. We didn't use primer for the lounge but I think I'll be using it on one of the bedrooms at least. The woodwork is aqua blue, the celing is dark purple and the walls are sunshine yellow with winnie the pooh and tigger on them(it used to be a nursery). The rest of the house has white woodwork and wallpaper so it shouldn't be so bad.
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