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Have you ever had a cat that likes the taste of plastic?? Frantic has licked plastic since he was about a year old. PLastic bags from the grocery store and the shower curtain are his favorite. I mentioned this to the vet and she laughed. She thinks its the oils from my hands that he licks. Any other lickers out there??

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My cat LOVES plastic bags. Everytime I come home from shopping and bring home a plastic bag, she licks it with a passion. It's like a FREE TOY with every purchase!! I have to make certain all plastic bags are not in my bedroom at nighttime so that I can sleep!! Last weekend, I dropped a plastic bag onto the floor and she started doing home-run like slides into it. She had fun and I had fun watching her.
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I have read previously that various oils (including animal renderings???) are used in the manufacturing of plastic bags. So, some cats like the tase of the oils used.

I don't know how true it is, but it sounds good.
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Saki loves plastic bags too. He likes to run and jump in them. I only let him though when I'm supervising as they can be dangerous.
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We have a plastic licking gang here, too. Tillie, Khepera, Question and Coal looove to lick plastic bags, drives me nuts! Question loves to play in them, too. I try to keep them away from the bags, but they hunt for them!
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many manufacturers of plastics do use animal renderings in the making of their products. You just want to be careful the cat doesn't eat the plastic, that can cause some nasty problems.
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Some of my cats love plastic bags too. Most just love to play with them instead of chewing.
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Thailee also love the bags . Each time I come home buying something and there he is licking and licking , like it is ice cream
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Also be careful that they don't get their head stuck in the handles of the bags. When I give them one to play with, I cut the handles off.
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Thanks Sue I never give them plastic bags to play , I am afraid that they slice and dice them . And who knows maybe one would eat it . I let Thailee lick for a while then I take it away .
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Oh I forgot . Many years ago I did let Jack play with the plastic bag . What a bad mistake on my part . The next thing after giving him the bag to play , I see him running through the house with the plastic bag hung around his neck and really freaked out . It was hard to get him and free him . Since ever then a plastic bag is a big no no for the cats .And to this day if I come cloth with a bag , he freaks out running away . Jack has never forgotten that day and we are talking at least 4 years now if not longer .
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All sorts of oils go into making plastics, some toxic. Just watch your cats and make sure they don't eat any of the plastic as it can result in a very costly vet bill.
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Rosie loves to sit on them. Come to think of it, she'd sit on a postage stamp if she could!!.

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no plastic lickers but definately magazine lickers!
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