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what kind of cat is this?

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Just curious...
A neighbor down the street has a cat that is absolutely gorgeous, and I'm curious to know what kind it is.

It is a large (close to Maine Coon size) solid orange tabby cat, with medium-long fur (like a Maine Coon), and it has tufts at the end of its ears like a bobcat. It has a short bobbed tail with a furry plume of long hair (its tail reminds me of a deer's tail, like a little flag).

Any ideas?
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A mixed breed??
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It sounds like what The Eyewitness Book Of Cats refers to as an American Shorthair. It says the long haired option is a Maine Coon, and they often have Maine Coon in their ancestry. I had a cat that looked very much like you described, and when I showed the book to the vet, he said that was probably what it was, but it is still a mixed breed. My Leo was huge, at 22 lbs.
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Ummmm..... this is an american Shorthair Next to a Maine Coon...
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This cat looks more like the Maine Coon, with the long hair & tufted ear tips, but it has a bobbed tail.
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Bobbed tail could mean partial Manx in his background. There are 2 kittens at my humane society that look like their mom in coloring, but have half a tail from their Manx dad.

Every Manx that I've been exposed to has been a big cat also.
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I say mixed breed.
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American Bobtail, Cymric, Manx or a cross between any of these could be what the cat is! They all can have no tails, a stub, a half tail and a normal tail.

I would say Cymric (longhaired Manx)!
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It sounds as if the look would be what an American Bobtail would be. They come in all different colors, but this is what they look like.
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It does sound a lot like an American Bobtail. They are semi-longhair with medium to large build, and of course the bobbed tail. I've never seen an orange/red one before but they are accepted in all colors as Sandie said. Brown and silver tabbies, white, and colorpoints are probably the most common. I pick up my silver tabby boy in a week and a half!

Here are some pictures of him I recently posted:
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Here are the "orange" versions of the breeds!

This is a Cymric:

This is an American Bobtail:

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Hmmmm...from the descriptions & photos I'm guessing the cat is a longhaired American Bobtail or a mix with that in him/her. The tail is like this one:
and it has tufts on the ear tips like a bobcat. Gorgeous!

Thanks for the education. I had never even heard of a Cymric. They're all so beautiful.
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Those American Bobtails are just beautiful, and I was thinking the same thing, that the cat you're describing sounds like one of those.
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Cymrics are pretty awesome as well. They are a longhaired Manx so they have no tail at all.
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