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Urgent Help

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someone has given me an 8month old cat who is around 8 or 9 weeks pregnant! i have contacted some vets to find out what i can do! i have had conflicting answers on spaying her. some places say that it is too dangerous to spay now. others are spaying at last minute! can someone share advice? also if it is too late can you tell me the best and quickest way to prepare her for birth as i dont think this cat had been looked after and fed properly!
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Oh my goodness! Thank you for taking in this poor little girl and trying to do the best thing for her.

I don't have any experience along those lines, so I will move this to Health & Nutrition where our resident experts can give you better advice than I.

And Welcome to the site!
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Well,I cant say iknow much along these lines but maybe a warm spot or heating pad??Hmm,I definetly would call a vet for advise or have a vet come to youre house(or a friend who knows how!)Best of luck!
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Perhaps you could try calling a local animal shelter or humane society for information?
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Yes, she can be spayed up to the last minute. It's up to the vet and their experience (and preferences.) I've seen plenty of cats spayed in late term with no ill effects.

If she's allowed to have the kittens you'll need a secluded, quiet spot with a warm nesting box. Start feeding her kitten food to help her with her health and weight, and add canned food if she's only getting dry food (the extra fats and oils in the canned food are important for proper milk production.) Good feeding AFTER the birth is also extremely important.

Whichever way you decide to go you've taken the right first steps by seeking out a vet.

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The spaying would have to depend on the vet's confidence, experience and beliefs.

But with the nutritional side of things take care with her diet.

You suspect that she hasn't been fed well. The introduction of new foods, particularly those high in nutrients can cause stomach upsets and diarrhoea, bad news for mum and developing kittens.

Start with dry kitten food. This generally has more nutrients than just dry food for adult cats. Then slowly add canned food to the diet. This will allow her digestive system to adjust to a diet that is richer than what she has been used to.

For more information about pregnancy and what to expect with kittens, click on the first thread in this forum. It has lots of links to information. But do feel free to ask any questions or voice any concerns that you have. I'll provide you with the link here.

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