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Everyone With Persian Or Long Haired Please Help!!!

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Hi Im New!!!
Hope noone minds me asking a icky question but i have a persain kitten as well as a normal out door cat.
How can i do something about the persians bum without having to bath him all the time!!Hi slong hair really gets in the way!!We have just bought a cream carpet (probably not the brightest of ideas when you have kids and cats ) but i dont want to have to have him in the kitchen all the time and i cant let him out he is a house cat but really it is getting hard work!!!
Please Help and apologises to anyone that has just eaten!!
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Well, the only thing I can suggest, which works well with my mom's Somali, is trimming the the hair around the butt area and back legs short and keeping it short. We do that ourselves on a monthly basis.
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Thankyou...i was thinking that myself but wondered weather i should do it myself or take it to a grooming cat place or vets?
Is it easy enough?
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My Max has the same problem. I cut the fur back there myself, also. It works wonders and you'll know if it starts getting too long because the problem will come back.

If you are nervous about doing this yourself, take the kitty to the groomer the first time and ask the groomer to show you how to do it yourself. Hope this helps!
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It's called a "sanitary trim" (I guess for obvious reasons .) It's commonly done by groomers for long hair cats and dogs. It's pretty amazing how such a simple fix works so well. As already suggested, if you're not comfortable have it done by a professional, but my guesss is that for the long term you'll want to learn to do it yourself.

Oh the joys of those long haired critters!!!

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Yes, trimming the hair away from the area will work wonders. Just please be very careful if you try to use scissors. Obviously scissors are sharp, but as a professional groomer, I can tell you that 1) cats will wiggle fast and unpredictably putting them in danger of being cut. 2) cats skin is VERY delicate, cuts easily and if a mat is involved, the skin is usually pulled away from the body making it even MORE easy to cut. and 3) using a clipper with a blade is a whole lot safer than a scissors, which by the way, I, as a long time professional, will NOT use on a cat. (too risky)
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If you do decide to do this yourself, have help to hold the cat and use bandage scissors- the kind with a blunt blade that holds toward the skin. If you are nervous about doing this, then take the cat in to a professional and let them deal with it.
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the good think about Piper is that all we have to do is scratch her rear right above the tail and her butt is up in the air in no time and stays there until someone stops giving her scritches!!
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I like everyone elses suggestions.

Welcome to the site for one, and can we see some pictures of your cats! I love persians!

If you're going to trim the cats backside area you're going to have to do it on a monthly basis and it's going to be expensive so I suggest you invest in a trimmer or shaving type thing, we spent $15(NZ) on ours and it works wonders. Just be sure to ask if you can test it out, because sometimes cats are scared of them if they make a loud noise. I agree going to a professional groomer the first and maybe the second time is a good idea, I'm not sure if grooomers let you watch over there but they do here and I'm sure they'll be more than happy to help you. Good luck.
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