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Great News for Peaches!!! Maybe...

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I have 2 leads for finding a home for Peaches!!!
Here is the link to the thread all about her for those of you who havn't heard her story

Anyway...A lady responded to my petfinder ad with this message...

"Hi Ginger,
I had to put down my baby in November and I'm thinking about taking in a little one. I'm not sure if I'm ready, but I want to start looking and if the right one pops up, it was meant to be.
I would like to ask a few questions about Peaches. Does she have short or long fur? Would she be happy being an indoor only cat? Would she be ok being an only pet?
I work 8:00 to 5:00 Mon. - Friday, but rarely I will have to work long hours (up to 9 - 10 at night), would she be okay alone?
I understand her not getting along with the other cats is a problem, but may I ask why you waited so long (about 9 months) before deciding to give her up.
If Peaches is right for me, I can promise you she would be very, very loved. Over the years, Lotus (my baby) had a lot of medical problems, and I gave her the best care possible.
I apologize for the length of this e-mail, I hope I have not offended you by any of my questions.
I look forward to hearing from you.

I got another response from the petfinder ad with this message...

We lost a cat last year, we have contacted everyone to try and find her. She is a female spayed/declawed female. Grey, White, and Peach calico. Stocky build. She also has a birth mark on the roof of her mouth. She would be about 5 or 6 years old. Do you have a picture of her? Does this sound like the cat you have? Please respond to {edited}

I hope this is her old owner! Wouldn't that be great? I can't wait to get home and see if Peaches has a birth mark on the roof of her mouth!
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That's awesome! Either way, it's a win-win situation!

Please keep us updated on what happens with Peaches!
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I hope one of those works out for Peaches!
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Well, I got a response from the lady who I thought may be her original owner. It is not her kitty. That is too bad. I wish I could find her owner, I know someone is missing her!

The lady that might want to adopt Peaches lives really close and might come by this weekend to meet her! Let's hope she likes the pictures that I sent her of Peaches!

Keep your fingers crossed that she likes Peaches!!! She sounds like a really nice lady! In her last email to she she wrote:
"She sounds like a little love and you were very kind to help her. If I did take her, I promise you I would never allow any harm to come to her."
I gave her the link to Peaches' story on TheCatSite too so maybe she will become a member here
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Fingers are crossed that this will work out and Peaches will have a new forever home
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Ginger that is GREAT news! I really hope you have luck with the lady and that her and Peaches make a good match! Keep us updated!
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I think that is great news for Peaches . I hope it works out for her and she will get her own furr ever home . But make sure you have the lady's address too and maybe you may want to check her out at her place befor you give her Peaches . Just to be on the save site .
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Hey Ginger!! That's excellent news!!
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Great news! I hope it works out for Peaches, and she finds a great forever home. She's just so cute!

Here's a great adoption agreement that Heidi (valanhb) gave me the link to on the Save Samoa Rescue page when I sent Ivan off to his new home. It might be good for you - you can edit it as you need (it has some anti-declaw information that is irrelevant to Peaches b/c she came to you already declawed).

sending prayers for this to be the one!
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I really hope everything works out for the best. Good luck!
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I'm sure this lady will love Peaches as soon as she sets her eyes on her.

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Ginger, you are such an angel. You have done so much to help this beautiful kitty, and I just know you'll find a wonderful home for her. Your hard work will pay off, and Peaches sure deserves it.

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Well, I sent a couple of pics to Gayle last night and I have not gotten a response back yet. Maybe she doesn't have a computer at work. I hope she likes Peaches' pictures
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Ginger, have you heard anything from her yet? I don't know how she *couldn't* like Peaches' pictures. She's such a precious little thing!
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No response from her yet
hmmm, wonder why?
I will keep ya'll posted if she writes me back.
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Oh who would not want such a sweety - I would take her in a heart beat if I could!!!!!
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Here is an update on Peaches...

The lady came by to meet Peaches. She was a VERY sweet lady! I couldn't have asked for a sweeter person to be interested in adopting Peaches. She pet her and talked to Peaches for about 30 minutes. Peaches was really good, she purred and let her brush her.
The only problem was that the lady just had to put her cat to sleep 2 days before Thanksgiving and was still missing her baby a whole bunch. She had a hard time trying to get to know Peaches because of it.
SO anyway, we are going to keep in touch but right now she is not ready to take another cat into her life. It's too bad for Peaches, she would have shown her alot of love

ANOTHER update...
Last night we introduced Sasha and Peaches! The meeting went VERY well!!! Peaches growled a little at first but calmed down after I gave then some Tuna Fish juice They just sniffed around and eventually they both laid down facing eachother and became rather comfortable in the same room together! I am so happy that they get along. Sasha is only 10 months old so he is not too worried about having an adult cat around like the other 3. If this keeps up, I can put Sasha in Peaches' room sometimes to play so Peaches is not lonely in there all alone
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Aw, I hope in time that the lady wants Peaches, you wouldn't want such a beautiful kitty as her? Still sending vibes that Peaches finds a good home. Hurrah! That's excellent news about Sasha and Peaches way to go Ginger.
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I sure hope Peaches finds a good home! She is in my thoughts! You are an for all you have done for her! Keep us posted!!!
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It's too bad the lady wasn't ready for another cat just yet. Maybe in a while she will decide that Peaches is just the right one for her.

That's excellent news about Sasha and Peaches!
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Oh, I'm sorry she's not ready. But it can take time to move on after losing a pet. Hopefully when she is ready, she'll take Peaches.
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