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for those who want to quite smoking...this is interesting

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Good News for All Cigarette Smokers

You might think it's too late to quit smoking, but here is some good news from the American Cancer Society:

As soon as you snuff out that last cigarette, your body will begin a series of physiological changes.

-- Within 20 minutes: Blood pressure, body temperature and pulse rate will drop to normal.

-- Within eight hours: Smoker's breath disappears. The carbon monoxide level in blood drops, and the oxygen level rises to normal.

-- Within 24 hours: Chance of heart attack decreases.

-- Within 48 hours: Nerve endings start to regroup. Ability to taste and smell improves.

-- Within three days: Breathing is easier.

-- Within two to three months: Circulation improves. Walking becomes easier. Lung capacity increases up to 30 percent.

-- Within one to nine months: Sinus congestion and shortness of breath decrease. Cilia that sweep debris from your lungs grow back. Energy increases.

-- Within one year: Excess risk of coronary heart disease is half that of a person who smokes.

-- Within two years: Heart attack risk drops to near normal.

-- Within five years: Lung cancer death rate for average former pack-a-day smoker decreases by almost half. Stroke risk is reduced. Risk of mouth, throat and esophageal cancer is half that of a smoker.

-- Within 10 years: Lung cancer death rate is similar to that of a person who does not smoke. The precancerous cells are replaced.

-- Within 15 years: Risk of coronary heart disease is the same as a person who has never smoked.
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Thank you. I just printed that for my husband. He says he wants to quit but every time he tries within 2 or 3 days hes smoking again. These are some good things to know.

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I quit. A little over 3 months ago. I've never felt healthier. I'm so happy I quit. It's hard.. but worth it... and not a day goes by that I don't think about it. It's not an easy addiction to kick.
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I already know this, that doesn't maje it easier to quit smoking!!
I thought you meant there was a new drug to help you
The patch doesn't work either.
I'm thinking of trying hypnotism.
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Thank you Air Princess.

I quit almost 2 years ago and its always good to read things that make me glad I did.
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W- I wasted 90 dollars on hypnotism and it didn't last until I got home! These are interesting statistics and I have read them over and over from other sources........just wish I had never started smoking and that there was a magic pill to quit WITHOUT the withdrawal symptoms - I had the best luck with the patches...but then.....oh well I am ashamed to say that I have failed at almost all methods of quitting Feel like I need to put my head in a bag - maybe that would help?
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my dad smoked for 30 years, 3 packs a day for 25 of them. He tried quitting numerous times, using all different methods. (remember the nicotine gum?) anyway one day, he just woke up and said I'm not smoking any more. Mentally he was ready, and he never smoked again. He didn't use any help, and he never slipped up. It's been 10 years since he's smoked.

I think it's like losing weight, you just have to reach that point mentally, and you've got to really want it.
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Interesting. My dad smoked for just a little over 20 years. When him and my mother were getting a divorce. He thought things were about as bad as they were going to get, so what a perfect time to quit smoking. He did, cold turkey. I am proud of him. It's been a little over 10 years now!! Way to go Dad!
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That's a reason I won't quit smoking!!! I'll GAIN MORE WEIGHT!!!

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WashuSama... (wish I knew your real name, it would be easier...lol)
I too am afraid of gaining weight when I quit smoking....they say that even if you diet while quitting smoking, you will gain weight, because smioking raises your metabilism.
I guess It would be better to be fat and alive though, than thin and dead.
But I am just not ready to quit yet...yes, it scares the crap out of me to get lung cancer, or throat cancer....I had an uncle who had throat cancer and had to talk through the hole in his throat, with one of those little machines, but I STILL can't seem to even get the nerve to TRY to quit!!! I rely on them so much to releive my tension, and it feels good to smoke...I enjoy it...and I am so addicted to it. I have been smoking since I was 16, and I am almost 36 now. 20 years is a hard habit to break. Especially when you are like me, and not even ready to quit!
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Did you consider those filters which reduce the amount of nicotine you take in? Some friends tried them, and had good results.
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I tried smoking Ultra Lights, but those are NASTY.
My ex-b/f quit smoking and got FAT, so did my mom.
I'm already the heaviest I have ever been, and I sure as heck don't want to gain any more.
One of my friends is going to try acupuncture, they can do it for smoking and weight loss, if it works, then I'll try that.
I use to smoke menthols, then I went to reds, now I smoke lights, so at least I'm getting less tar.
I've been smoking since I was about 11 (my mom's friend thought it was cute)
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I have tried 4 or 5 times to quit, tried the patch, tried the pill, quit for a year, started again, the Dr said why did you start again, My mouth flew open to answer with some lame excuse, and I looked at her and said I have no excuse
tried the patch tried the pill again
tried the patch and the pill together again
Told the Dr I am the worldest biggest looooooooser
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this isn't relevant but I miss Colby! (airprincess)
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Originally Posted by hissy
this isn't relevant but I miss Colby! (airprincess)

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Originally Posted by Nebula11
Colby (airprincess) is the person that started this post years back
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Originally Posted by halfpint
Told the Dr I am the worldest biggest looooooooser
you are not a loser!!! you will get there
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I am not a smoker but my beau-friend is. We've had a tad of an issue over it lately and I told him I hoped he stopped. He's only 32 and the smoker's cough he has it just about the most disgusting sound I've ever heard, he didn't even realize he had that 'wet lung' sound all the time til I said something. I'm trying to help by giving support & info (like the thread here) and by harping on how much healthier he would feel if he quit for good.

He said he tried the patch and the gum, both did not work. However he lived with his fiance for 7 yrs and that woman went through 3 packs a day. I think that if a smoker really wants to cut down and/or quit altogether, you have to steer clear from other smokers and hang with non-smokers.
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Very interesting! I wish my Mum would quit!
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And Mary Anne - I miss Colby too!
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