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Former stray inside

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I've created a tyrant. I've worked for about 1 year to socialize an outside stray. He is now inside and becomes a tyrant at night. He can be loveable by day but restless and antsy at night. I have Feliway spray and atomizer which don't seem to do anything. He becomes bored, I think, and goes after my other 3 cats. He doesn't attack them but taunts them. He did, initially, get into a fight with one. He wakes me up continually and wants nothing. I'm in and out of bed frequently during the night. If I keep him in with me, with the door closed, he eventually wants out and scratches the door and makes noise until I let him out. If he's outside he does the same to get in. I also am half listening to hear if he's doing anything to my other cats. I then bound out of bed to check on it. It's too cold for him to go outside and , if given the chance, he won't take it. He's no fool. If he's on my bed, he sleeps on the end, facing the door; probably to terrorize my other cats. I can't sleep and am exhausted. I have a closed room, complete with cat furniture, toys, litter, food and water and he won't stay in there long. I hear him making noise and scratching the door until I let him out. Any suggestions would be greatfully appredciated. thanks
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check this thread please:

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Thats why boys sleep in there own room at night. They have there own beds at night. My husband lets them out in the morning to sleep on our bed. Other wise they keep us up all night.
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