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Sex and the City

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Did anyone watch last night? I'm curious to see ho wit all turns out. Do you think Samantha will settle down with Smith? She seems to be softening.

If I were Carrie, I wouldn't know who to choose. I heard Mr. Big will be back. With a choice between Chris Noth and Mikhail Baryshnikov, can a girl really lose?
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The new series starts here in the UK this week.

Im sooooo going to miss it when it finishes for good.

My ex boyfriend used to hate it. Think it had something to do with women not being of a weaker sex!!

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My best friend (a guy) used to scoff at the show. Now he watches religiously!

For my money, Mr. Big wins hands down over Aleksandr anyday! I first thought Samantha was going to dump Smith for Richard, but that turnaround in her behavior sure surprised me.

Glad that Miranda and Steve are finally together, but felt a bit sorry for Robert. My, he was a bit nasty, there wasn't he?
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I think Mr Big and Carrie belong together! If I was a girl I would go for him!

So did you all catch all of the last season? I watched almost all of it on HBO-HD over new years. The ones I didn't catch I actually already saw anyway.
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I thought Ken and I were going to have a shouting match right before it came on. He got the old remote and started flipping the channel just to irritate me, thankfully the battries died in that remote and I had the good one

It really blew me away when Samantha cried on Smith's shoulder hmmmm..a permenant thing...Maybe?

Carrie and Big all the way! They are like PB&J they just go togehter

It is going to kill me when this series ends
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