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I'm back from holiday!!

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Im back from spending a weeks holiday in Lanzarote over the christmas. I had a great time, but pleased to be back because i missed Rosie so much!.

I dropped her off at the cattery on christmas eve, took her to her room to get her settled, and was fine until i picked her up to give her a cuddle before i left, and she was shivering!. I cried all the way home. Even though i knew she would be well looked after, i felt so cruel.

I went to pick her up on the 2nd. When i got her home, she seemed to take a lot longer to settle back in, and she spent most of the weekend curled up on my lap.I gave her more attention and cuddles just to give her some reassurance.

Anne, who owns the cattery even said that she spent most of her time hidden under her blanket, and the only time she does that is when she has to take a trip to the vet for her boosters, so that made me feel even worse knowing that she'd been like that for most of the week.

But im happy to say my babys back to her normal self now, thank goodness!.

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Welcome back and Happy New Year! I'm glad little Rosie is back with her Mommy and happy again. I also went on vacation and came back to one very stressed kitty who missed his Mommy terribly. A week later, he is just now reassured enough that I'm not leaving him again. Sweet baby...
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Welcome back, and Happy New Year to you, too. I'm glad to hear your holiday was a success, and I'm sure Rosie is now one very relieved kitty.
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