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Thanks everyone, I think Shadow is one beautiful kitty. Her fur is so soft and I love sitting outside and petting her.


The situation with my new landlord is hard to explain but she has not been around to bother us since she dropped the dogs off. I don't understand how one day she can come to me and say she just can't lose her dogs because they mean so much to her but she has nothing to do with them. We think she bought this duplex to have tenants and keep her dogs here. I almost think she is hiding them from something or someone.


They were dropped off here in September and she has not been back since. Her son comes by every few days to feed them. They have long fur that is matted to their skin and they look horrible. Nobody cleans up the area they are living in so they walk and lay in their own filth. I feel so sorry for the dogs but there is nothing anyone can do.


Animal Control has been called out 4 times because of the living situation and the constant barking but as long as they have shelter, food and water they are fine. In fact the woman at Animal Control said everyone can call all they want but the dogs are fine. The dogs look like they are neglected to me and they crave humane contact.

That's so sad. I hate it when people neglect their animals that way and it must be driving everyone in the neighborhood crazy. Are there any rescue groups you could call? I was thinking about something like Hope For Paws, or any similar group in your area.


They'll sometimes take steps that Animal Control won't.