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Cat that doesn't like wet food?

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My kitty Max does not seem to like wet food. Is this a normal thing? My other cat, Simon, just devours the stuff, but Max takes a few bites and has no interest. It's not a problem, obviously, but I just thought it was strange. Anyone else have a kitty that only likes dry food?
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My Frantic used to turn his nose up at wet cat food. I tried many different ways of feeding it to him...a little at a time, mixed with dry, removed the dry. He would sniff it, and his brother would eat both bowls. I finally tried a few different brands to find one he was interested in. Once I found a brand he liked, I stuck with it. I just have to make sure its in his favorite flavors. He's not thrilled with mixed grills or the like.
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My Georgia is like that. There are some kinds she likes, but ususally she just takes a bite or 2 and leaves it for the others to fight over. It does not seem to hurt her, she eats plenty of dry food, and is at a perfect weight for her body type.
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The Sammycat just refuses to eat any brand, variety of wet food.
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I had one cat that never really took to canned food. She did occasionally go and eat some dry food from the dog's dish, but generally preferred her own dry food. She also had this unusual attraction to biscuits and would steal them from a plate and run off whenever she had a chance. Oddly, no other people food really interested her.

One of the cats we now have does not care much for canned food either, yet she's the only one with which we've had a weight problem. She LOVES dry food.

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That sounds very familiar. JC and his littermates got canned kitten food as soon as they were being weaned, but he had to be different and eat his mother's dry food. I had the worst time getting him to eat canned food (now he gets 1/2 dry, 1/2 canned). I tried all different kinds and packages, and he finally decided that he would eat the stuff that comes in 2 - 3 ounce cans. Period. His other criteria seem to be that the little can has to cost over $1.00, and it has to be imported food. At least he's eating it now.
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Hmmm... just like my Mel, she seems to hate wet food even though they used to feed her just that at the SPCA (where I'd rescued her). She used to love Iams, however I feed her Skin & Hair (Royal Canin)now. She's shedding less hair now... She's 4 Kg now and about 2 years plus.
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I have 2 that don't really seem to care for canned food. They mostly just take a few licks or nibbles and walk away...they don't get excited when Im dishing it out like the rest of the cats do. There are a few brands that they will eat pretty well but with most brands they just take a taste.
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My Smokey wouldn't have touched canned food with a 10 foot pole. She would look at me like "You expect me to eat that?". The two I have now love it. I'm sure it's just like people they have differnt tastes & some like it some don't.
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My maine coon, Eintsein hates wet food. He love the Innova dry and I used to have him on the Science Diet advanced protection dry..which he loved. He doesn't like the Innova as much, but I know it is better for him than the Science Diet.

My other cat, Charlie, loves wet food. Especially the Innova. So I leave the Innova dry out all day for them and then give Charlie a half of a can of wet at night. He is starting to look a little round so I think I may ditch the dry.

I am also going to pick up a sample of Chicken Soup at my local Petstore...the ingredients look so similiar to Innova...and so muc cheaper. I struggle with the cat food question everyday!

The petstore also sells wellness, felidae, california natural, nutro natural care and chicken soup...so it is hard to make a decision. But I think since my cats eat dry food, I am going to try the chicken soup next. And keep them on it.
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Isis won't even look at wet food. She ONLY eats dry. she is really finicky too. it has to be one type only or she won't eat it at all. She doesn't like people food much either(much to my relief, I have three others who do, and will beg for food LOL!) the occassional piece of turkey from Thanskgiving but nothing else. I think as long as you're feeding a good food and making sure they have access to water, then it shouldn't be a problem.
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Our little girl doesn't eat anything that is meat based.. We tried her from day one to eat canned food, cooked meat, raw meat & the only food she will eat is double the price & the smallest you can buy canned food..

She will only eat something as long as it is fish based & she loves her bikkies.. Our male on the other hand will eat anything..

We tried different canned foods for about a yr & we finally found one she hogs straight into..

As long as she eats something, im more then happy to pay the higher price..

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neither one of my cats like wet food either
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Three of mine will eat the wet food but Dirt just sniffs at it and sits waiting for his 'real' food. We go through stages with the dry stuff - at the moment they are on Purina for mainly indoor cats, except for Katy who is on Obesity from the vets. Maybe it has to do with what they were initially brought up on. Dirt really only ever had the dry stuff when he adopted us so thats what he is used to.
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