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Hi, i'm from Italy, i had a cat, but he disappeared one month ago, we didn't find him yet.
P.S. I'm new
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Hi Mordy Welcome to TCS. I hope that you find your purr baby real soon. Keep us updated on the progress.
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Welcome Mordy. Good luck with your search
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Welcome to the site! I hope you find your kitty very soon.
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That is cool you are from Italy I my self am 1/2 Italian. Welcome
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Welcome to TCS . I am sorry that your cat is lost and hope you will find him soon , save and well .
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Hello Mordy, welcome to the site
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Hi Mordy, welcome to the site, and i hope your baby turns up soon.

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Welcome to TCS! Hope you find your kitty soon! Good luck!
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Welcome!Its a great place here!Youre going to love it!
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hi mordy and welcome,
i am sorry to hear your baby disappeared, i hope you find him!
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That's sad to hear about your baby, I hope you find him soon. Welcome to TCS!
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Hi there, welcome to TCS, I hope your kitty comes home soon.
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Hi Mordy, welcome to the site.
Hope your baby turns up soon, you never know!

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Hi and welcome to TCS
good luck with your search
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