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Best Cat food?

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My three cats seem to be getting tired of eating Dry Iams food. I'm wondering if anyone has a recommendation of a differnt type of food to feed them. My oldest cat can not tolerate can food. He always throws it up. But I've heard can food is best to feed them. And my other two cats like canned food and they can tolrate it. What should I do?
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I feed my cats Chicken Soup For The Cat Lover's Soul. They are doing awesome on it and you can't beat the smell! Have you tried mixing wet food with some dry? My kitties love it that way. I put about a cup of dry food and half a can of wet food into a dish. I mix it up and add a skin and coat supplement. They are VERY shiny boys!

IAMS is not one of my favorite cat foods, but so many people I know feed it to their cats. They all do well on it, but there is better food out there. Go to your local pet store and ask for some samples of super premium cat food. For example:

« Chicken Soup For The Cat Lover's Soul

« Solid Gold

« Natural Balance

Put a different food into each bowl and label them. See what food get's eaten the most. You will know then what food your cats like best. Slowly change their food, this way it will be less harsh on their stomachs. See how they do on that food, check their stools and see if they are firm, not runny. Watch their energy! When I fed Whiskas, my cats didn't have the energy that they do now. Peppurr is 20 pounds, but he still plays like a kitten!

You will probably see a change in your cats' coats. They will most likely be more shiny and soft. Their stools will be less stinky, which is a bonus!

Good luck!
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i guess it's up to individual cat which type of food they like.. i feed my two fellas with fancyfeast... they love it... as for dry, i go by nutro...
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Moving this thread to the Health and Nutrition forum. You may want to do a search there as well - the topic has been discussed before several time.

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Hi John,

Is there a specific type of canned food that your cat gets sick on? It might be allergies or even a sensitive stomach that is making them sick when they eat wet food. My cat Mabel used to always eat wet food then vomit. I've got her on Hill i/d wet right now and it's worked wonders, it's for cats with sensitive stomachs that vomit. You might just need to try a few different kinds to see what he can tolerate best, I found that Mabel was sick less with "senior" formulas and could handle those best. Good luck!
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My Pawz LOOVEs Friskies,and Fancy Feast!I realy havent had that much experiance but it depends on the cat!
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Talk to your vet.
It's a good idea to get any unusual symptoms in a senior cat checked out, just in case. It's a lot better to catch potential problems early.

If the vet thinks he might have a food sensitivity, he can recommend a diet for your cat to try...just keep in mind it takes several weeks on the new diet to eliminate any symptoms he might have experienced from the old food.
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