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Baby girl found in a bag

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Baby girl found in bag in city

PAUL MICKLE , Staff Writer 01/04/2004

A mother of 10 was charged with attempted homicide yesterday for allegedly bagging up and tossing out the baby girl minutes after secretly giving birth in the bathroom of a friend’s Trenton home.

Authorities said the newborn of Anita Hearns, 40, survived only because two city policemen heard baby cries from a trash pile in a back yard as they were double checking on an anonymous report of a child abandonment.

It happened on the 300 block of Walnut Avenue at 1:50 a.m., police said, as officers Mark Ice and George Bello were making a second police visit to the home.

A police spokesman, Lt. Joe Juniak, said someone called 911 late Friday night and suggested cops check on a possible birth at the house.

Officers spoke to two men, friends of Hearns, who said they knew nothing about any baby being born there that night.

One investigator later said the men apparently didn’t realize that while she had been upstairs in the bathroom running a lot of water the heavy-set Hearns allegedly had been giving birth.

When questioned a second time, the men recalled that Hearns had come downstairs after quite a while, and was carrying a plastic garbage bag and saying she had cleaned up the bathroom because it was such a mess.

"That’s when it just happened that one of the officers heard the cries of a baby coming from outside in the back yard,’’ said Juniak.

Ice reportedly found the baby girl shivering from hypothermia inside a black plastic trash bag "that had been dumped out there as if it was garbage,’’ said Juniak.

Rushed to Capital Health System’s Mercer Medical wing, the child initially was reported in critical condition, but later yesterday was said to be stable in improved health.

At 5 pounds, 15 ounces, the child is believed to have been carried to full term by the mother.

Soon after they were assigned, detectives tracked down Hearns, who lives in the 400 block of Walnut, less than a block from the friend’s home that became an alleged crime scene.

Following treatment at a hospital, where she remained under police guard last evening, Hearns was charged with attempted homicide and child endangerment.

Judge Charles Delehey set the bail at $100,000 while city police and court officers made arrangements for an arraignment of Hearns.

Hearns’ children were said to be in the care of New Jersey government social workers. Police investigators said the state Division of Youth and Family Services has been involved with Hearns and her children for years.

Ice and Bello and the anonymous tipster won praise from Trenton Police Director Joe Santiago: "The persistence of the officers at the scene and the kind act of the individual who alerted the police have possibly saved the life of this child.’’

Santiago and Mercer County Prosecutor Joe Bocchini also said Hearns could have taken advantage of the New Jersey law that lets mothers abandon newborns at hospitals and police stations with no questions asked.

©The Trentonian 2004
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A mother of 10??? Has she not heard of birth control????
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Originally posted by Kiwideus
A mother of 10??? Has she not heard of birth control????

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Gee whiz 10 kids!!!!!!!!!!!

and In a bag..
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I think this is a case of - can the state please pay for voluntairy sterlization??
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She should'nt be able to keep any of her babies
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She deserves to be charged with attempted homicide - why didn't she abandon the baby at a hospital or police station? Anybody who can treat a baby like trash is trash herself.
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I feel sorry for her other kids too. My God! Humans do some horrible things to each other.
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Dear God what a sick woman. How can you possibly look into your own flesh and blood's eye and then discard her like she was garbage? I just can't imagine someone so sick.

That baby girl certainly had her own little guardian angel looking over and I'm glad she survived. Hopefully she will be placed in a loving home. I can't imagine being that little girl and finding out later on in life exactly what my birth mother attempted to do.

As for this sick 'mother of 10' who doesn't deserve to be a 'mother of 1', hopefully she will pay dearly for this.
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someone should put her in a bag
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I want a baby so bad How could someone do that! You carry that baby for nine monthes! Even if it was unplanned I would think you would get attached with it moving inside of you and everything
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Originally posted by Princess Purr
Even if it was unplanned I would think you would get attached with it moving inside of you and everything
That's just it. I get the feeling that there's more to this story. The mother could have been depressed or mentally unstable. This isn't to say that this excuses her. It's a sad case all round.

I just hope the children do not continue to suffer.
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Obviously, having 10 kids, she is mentally unstable. The article doesn't detail the family dynamic, though. Is she married? Employed? Previously treated for mental illness?
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Thats beyond bad.THATS EVIL!Man,i know people that would do anything for a baby,but tossing one out like a rotten tomato?!?!? Who knows whats going on with the other 10!
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Very sickening. I just want to comfort that poor little girl! I hope they all are fostered by LOVING homes. The mother needs to be in a mental institution and get some professional help.
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We have a really horrible case of child abuse and abandonment in southern Germany right now. A little girl of approximately 3 was found in the ladies' room of a small-town hospital outside of Ulm. She had been severely beaten, was naked, and her head was shaved, apparently in an attempt to prevent identification. Despite medical attention, she died, and the autopsy revealed that the cause was brain injuries sustained in the beating. She had been beaten beyond recognition, and there are no reports of a child that age being missing. The authorities have released a picture of what they believe she looked like (computer reconstruction). The talking heads are theorizing that a man beat her, and a woman made a feeble attempt to get her medical attention. Poor little Jane Doe - her short life must have been hell, and to use a cliché, my heart bleeds for her. What monster(s) could do such a thing?
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I'm all for sterilization of people like this woman, voluntary or no- 10 kids???? And she dumps this one - I almost pity her for the Karma shes going to get from this- almost...

jcat- I hope they find the SOB who did that to the poor little one. Thats just beyond words, and so infuriating and sad at the same time
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I would lay down and die for my kids if i had too!
there sure is alot of evil in this world

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Its so sad what people will do. She was probably a single mom trying to handle it all on her own and had just had enough. But that is still no excuse..there were so many other options such as adoption. At least the baby is still alive which is something to be thankful for. Everytime I look at my kids I could never think of hurting them and it just floors me to think that anyone could hurt their children like that
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Update - the little girl's name was Carolin. A segment about the crime was aired on a TV show called Aktenzeichen XY (File #XY, which is similar to America's Most Wanted), and a neighbor recognized her. The description originally issued by the police said the girl was pudgy, but the medical examiner corrected that, saying she was thin - it was the swelling from the beating that made her appear chubby (that's too horrible to even think about.) Her 24-year-old mother and her 30-year-old boyfriend were arrested in Italy today. The mother has confessed to Italian police through a Polish interpreter. She claims her boyfriend of two months started beating the little girl out on the street Monday (no witnesses?), that she helped him, but then convinced him the girl had to be taken to a hospital. When they got there, the girl was barely breathing, so they got scared and dumped her there. They'll be extradited to Germany and charged here.
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Yes, just like abortion, the idea of a mother deliberately killing or leaving a baby to die is just horrifying. I guess this woman didn't want to spend the money to pay for a legal murder, so she decided to discard it herself. How sad.
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I can't imagine abandoning a baby after having carried it for nine months. There are so many women hoping for babies, put it up for adoption if you can't handle the baby, and after having 10 children I think the women would have known if she could handle another one and not to get pregnant. There are so many forms of birth control out there these days that it's just irresponible to get pregnant.
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Oh my that just makes me feel completely sick. I have a 5 m/o baby and they are so small, helpless and fragile and the thought of someone - sane or otherwise (if sane then all my rationale about the death penalty goes out the window and I become an animal baying for blood - if insane then lock her up and throw away the key), doing something like that to a small baby/child is so completely beyond reason that words fail me.
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