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My Little Helpers

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Trent especially likes to "help" me do whatever I'm doing. He helps me with the laundry, dirty and clean, he helps clipping coupons, he helps us clean the house.

Here, Trent was helping me unpack after our trip.

Ophelia isn't much of a helper, but she does like helping the clean clothes warm, especially Daddy's clothes.

And this one, well, Trent isn't really helping but it was just too cute! The cats decided last year that the Christmas Tree Skirt was theirs and we couldn't put it away. So it has a place on a box at the foot of the bed. Trent decided that he needed to be under the tree skirt, and used the hole in the middle to not only get in, but then to peek out at us and just be adorable.
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It looks to me that you have some great helper and some really cute ones too
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Yep! Trent not only has taken over your heart, but also your house! LOL
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Patches thinks that Trent is one handsome kitty!! Ophelia is a pretty little girl
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I'd take helpers as cute as that anyday!!!
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Awww..very cute. Love the tree skirt pic! You better watch out Heidi, or the cats will form a union and ask for a salary for all their hard work.

You better up their treat allowances!

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LOL! How so adorable!
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Cute babies.
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can i have some helpers too to clean up my room????
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I love your helpers! How cute!
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Cute pictures!
The triplets love to help me do everything too. Their favorites are helping with laundry (laying on clean clothes in the laundry basket when i am trying to fold them) and they love to watch me cook. I ask them if they are learning for their future life as humans!
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