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Yumosh seems to twitch a lot while sleeping. She is only 6 months old so she must be running & jumping & playing in her dreams as she does in real life

Although she doesn't twitch that much, Minnosh sometimes makes sounds with the twitches !.. She likes talking in real life. For example she makes interesting sounds around her favorite toy when she wants to play. Or she answers you most of the time when you talk to her. So, she must be talking in her dreams; perhaps with me ??

Do you also observe twitchings in your cats ?

PS: Oh, I love watching them while they are asleep
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Most of my cats do not visibly dream. I have one cat who is a recent arrival who has several times dreampt clearly bad things, making little whimpering sounds and twitching, sometimes quite madly, in his sleep -- a more dog-like kind of dreaming. I can only assume that he really had a terribly frightening and bewildering time before my neighbors called me to take away a "dying cat" who had appeared in their garden.

I would like to hear from other people. I have only a sample of around 30 cats (some who stayed with me and some who drifted off), and I have only the one cat who visibly dreams like this. Is my experience more, or less, typical? I general, I find that cats can utterly relax in sleep, and immediately wake up in an emergency.

Speaking of dreams, one of my dogs is having a bad one -- he just startled me by whining and thrashing about as if he was in terrible pain. A touch and he is OK again, but I wonder what he is remembering (or imagining)?
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My kitty Benny also twitches in his dreams, and yesterday I actually saw him sucking. I suppose he was dreaming with his momma:tounge2:.
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I have 7 cats and have seen this as well. When they were babies they would knead with their paws and make a suckling noise. I love to watch them sleep because they are so peaceful.

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Alexander talks in his sleep quite often. He's pretty vocal when he's awake, too. I wonder if that has something to do with it? Nellie is a very restless sleeper, but not as noisy. She has taken to sleeping on the coffee table lately (good breeze from the air conditioner), and sometimes she twitches so much she falls off the edge. The look on her face is priceless--so embarrassed and so unwilling to admit she did anything that could be even remotely thought of as ungraceful.
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