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Yay for me!! And my new cat!!

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I finally got a cat!! I found a great no kill shelter in Hickory that had some of there animals at Petsmart and they were thrilled that I was interested in an adult cat. They happened to have the perfect the cat there. Her name is Vanessa and she is 9 yrs old and has been in a family with small children. The children unfortunatly developed asthma and the family could no longer keep Vanessa. She's black with white around her paws and chest and has a cute white mark on her nose. She is resting comfortably in her bed now, after a careful brushing and some waterless shampooing. So far the kids love her and she seems to not mind them running about. All the way home all I could here was my 2 yr old saying kitty kat, kitty kat (or at least something very close to that). She is a little on the heavy 20 lbs a lot for a cat to weigh? I bought her some cat food formulated for indoor cats. But she seems to be content and I am just so thrilled! Today is my Bday and so far it has been so great. I did not set out to find a cat this morning, i figured I would just take a break from the search. But we decided to pop into Petsmart to look at kitty stuff and there she was. So it has been a very exciting day for me. I look forward to sharing pictures and stories!!
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Yay ! Another kitty finds a home ! Congrats and remember WE WANT PICS !
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Congratulations!!!! You got a tuxedo girl!! We want pics!!

Yes, 20 pounds is probably very large for a female cat. Find a good vet and have her examined - they will probably want to put her on a special diet to help her trim down a bit.

You are an for taking in an older gal!!
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Welcome to The Cat Site! This is such a nice place!
And congratulations on your new family member!
And Happy Birthday!
What a great Birthday, to bring home your kitty!
I look forward to see the pictures and read the stories
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That's excellent! Are you going to keep her name as Vanessa? Happy Birthday! Can we see pictures? Awww.. I'm so excited for you!
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Tomorrow I am breakin out the digital camera and hopefully will get pics on here soon. I am going to keep her name as Vanessa since its been her name for so many yrs. I'm calling her "Nessa" for short though..I am just soooo happy :-)
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How very lovely!!! A kitty finds a home and a human gets a lovely birthday surprise. Looking forward to pics of Nessa -- just in case you hadn't noticed -- we loooooooooove pics
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What a great birthday present! Vanessa sounds like a great girl for your home. Can't wait to see pictures of her!

Generally speaking, 20 pounds is pretty heavy for a girl kitty.
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Congratulations!! So wonderful of you to adopt an older cat And wow 20 pounds!!
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I'm soooo looking forward to seeing pictures, Nessa is a cute abbv.
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I can't wait to see pictures. Its great that the kitty found a new home with lots of love. Congratz!!!

Next cat I get will be an older one. Don't know if I can handle the kitten stage again!!!
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Congratulations!!! Hope to see some pics soon!
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You are so nice to adopt an older cat instead of a kitten. I volunteer at the shelter here and it just breaks my heart to see all the adult kitties passed over for the cute and cuddly kittens, although it breaks my heart to see how many kittens are in the shelter too. Okay, the shelter just breaks my heart

Anyway, congrats on your new fur-baby

Sorry I forgot to mention some breeds (Maine Coon and Norweigen Forrest Cats and others) are bigger boned and weigh more then other cats, so maybe 20 pounds isn't to bad, but get her checked out anyway.
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Congratulations on the new addition! I can't wait to see pictures of Nessa... It's wonderful that you adopted an older furbaby.
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Wishing You and Vanessa a happy Gotcha Day... And thank you for adopting an older
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Have you got pics yet?
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CONGRTULATIONS! I'm happy for you!!
I'm sure she'll live happily ever after with you & your family!
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Congrats that's great!!
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