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how do I use this site

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I literally need to know how to use this site. I have wanted to respond to people but don't know how. I need to know which buttons to click on and how to get a reply online. Anything you tell me will help. Also, how do I get the smileys to appear. I just tried it and it didn't work.
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you click post reply to reply and then you type in the box, when you are done you click submit reply. You just click the smiles and the come up
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Welcome to this site .

I hope you will figure out how to use this site . It is really not that hard . You will get the reply in your email as a notification that some one has reply on the thread you posted . Good luck .
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Welcome to the site! Val gave you the basics, and you have obviously figured out how to start threads. Post Reply is the button to use to reply to threads already started.
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Welcome to TCS. It won't take you long to fog it out, and you're on your way already, having found the New Thread button. Looking forward to "meeting" you.
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If you have an anti-pop-up program in your computer, the smilies may not appear. If that happens push your control button on your keyboard when you are clicking on the smilies box. The code you see in front of you just goes in your post wherever you want to put it.

Also this page may help you get familiar with the features and such:


Welcome to the board, and don't get frustrated. It will come to you and if you make mistakes, mods will come along and delete and merge for you.
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Welcome to the TCS! I hope everyones friendly advice has helped you!

I look forward to getting to know you and your cat/s
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Thank you everyone who has helped me with using this site. I'm still quite slow in computer land. I think I've got the posting part down. Until then.....
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Bailey I replied to your PM- so check it when you can. You can get to your PM's by clicking user cp at the top of the page, then private messages.
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Oh and a note about PMs, (Private Messages), you don't get any notification of one being sent to you except by e-mail if you have that option turned on in your User Options. You can find this in the third little button from the left saying "user cp".
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Glad you have the posted thing sort-ayed!

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Welcome TCS Enjoy your stay... Sure hope you figure out how to use the site. Its very easy once you become familiar with the site...
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Welcome to TCS, glad you've sorted out your posting trouble
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