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FIP in apartment

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I am moving from an apartment in which I had 2 cats die of FIP. AFTER I was informed about FIP and lost the second cat I bleached everything I possibly could in this place but I fear that may not be enough. I told the management of this complex that FIP may still be present but I don't think they care. Is there anything anyone knows of that I can to help prevent another needless death?
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omg I remember you telling us about this. I didnt know your second cat died too How very very sad.. I'm sorry.
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How long has it been since they died and were in thouse? I think waiting perioud of a year is what I have heard. Also, when you move out are they going to be replacing the carpet?
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As long as you have thoroughly disinfected surfaces with bleach, there should be no real risk for future cats in that particular apartment. FIP transmission is passed through either maternal transmission or forms of close contacts amoung infected cats (i.e., sharing food/water dishes, grooming, shared close contact amoung multi-cat environments, mating/breeding with an infected cat, etc).

The standard is recommending at least 6 months until introducing a healthy un-infected cat into the environment. Even the best-formed studies cannot conclude for certain how long the virus can live outside of the host/environment.

Talon has a good point about the carpets...I would at least ask your manager to ensure that all carpets and drapes are steam-cleaned before future cats are allowed into that apartment.

Just a tip, when disinfecting for infectious purposes, always allow to air-dry (or sun-dry)..this kills virals faster and more effectively than mechanical means...............Traci
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