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Hey, you guys with the images on the left under your names, where do you find them and how do you do that? I'm sure the instructions are on this site somewhere, but where do you get the pictures?
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Hi sunlion,
You have to go to the 'user cp', at the left top of the screen, and then to 'edit options'. The options for avatars were at the end I guess.
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It was quite easy, actually.

This one looks just like Blackie, right down to the black nose. At night, if he closes his eyes, he is invisible. Shame I can't have 2, there's a kitten there that looks exactly like Sparky, too, but if I have to pick just one, it's got to be B.
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what makes you an adult cat, a young cat, an alpha cat, or a phat kat??
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how many posts you make

30 is a young cat
100 is an adult cat

and so on and so forth

phat cat is a title that threeleggedkat got to pick because she helped name the poetry forum.
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well I have 60 something, I shouldn't be young any more huh?
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you'll be a young cat until you hit 100, and then you will be an adult cat.
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and at 300 you'll be an Alpha Cat.
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less than 100 posts & I get to pick my own name!!!!

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When you pick your own name, check it out with me before you misspell it.
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this is who I am, mispelling an all. exsept me for who I am. bee my freind regardles.

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no probblem
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Okay, AirPrincess, I'll bite: How did you get to be a Super Cat?
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I posted 700x times!
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And a home cat, is a moderator...although I am a bit jealous... I wish I too could pick my own name!
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