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motivational cds

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Has any one tried any of these motivational cds. I keep seeing Tony Robbins on the channels here and his cds and they look good but no way on earth can I afford them. Has anyone tried anything like them and have they had a marked effect on your life? Would love to hear them as could do with a kick and push in the right direction.
Also - a friend recently said that meditation was great and helped them cope with daily life. How does one meditate and is there anything to this at all?

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I have just gotten started with meditation, and it seems to be helping me relax a little. I could definitely see it being a good thing after I learn more about it, and how to really get in to the meditative state.
I have not heard of those particular cds. though.
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Kev, I have a friend in Washington who is a lawyer in a pretty high pressure job, and he used the Tony Robbins system, and found that it really helped him focus on his work, and be way more productive.

I think that meditation also works, but you need to go to a course to learn how to do it properly, there is a real skill involved.
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Best motivation CD by far is "Never Mind The Bollocks" by The SEX PISTOLS.

Works wonders for your motivation...
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Evanescence. Very good motivational CD.
My mom meditates, and she claims that it helps.

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