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Oh Brother!

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This just came to my attention. Sorry folks, but the bidding has ended...darn! *EG* Can you imagine anyone bidding for this? And geesh look at the price asked for the pleasure......

Name the baby
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I too had the same reaction when I heard about this on the news the other night. Gees.

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Good grief! What's next? Maybe I'd better get over to eBay and start a "Give Joe a New Name" auction. I could use the money!

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Hmm...think I'll enter..anybody know an Indian name for Son of Two Idiots????
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for 75,500 you can just name him 'son of two idiots'
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I have never heard of such a thing. What next in this crazy world ?
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I too had already heard of this on the radio, but hadn't seen the actual page....thanks Hissy for showing us.
I think it is horrible that people would sell the right to name their baby for money....that poor child could get stuck with ANY horrible name!!! Makes me wonder how much they would actually sell HIM, for, if offered the right amount.
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I saw Katie Couric interview the idiot father of the yet unborn kid. These two people were definitely in the gene pool when the lifeguard was on a break! At first I thought they were going to donate the money to charity. But when I heard this jerk say that children cost money and they wanted to secure the kid's future, I was furious! Maybe the moron should've figured that out before he unzipped his pants. These people are just too stupid to live. And anyone who is caught up in this scam is just as guilty. Imagine a kid walking around with a name like "Trojan" or "Tampax"???

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I, too, had heard about this on the news and then I saw the interview on the Today Show. It does not surprise me that people of this mindset would figure that "everything has a price". When we consider that people have sold kidneys and other vital organs on the "black market"; this seems TAME !

I am sure that most of you also heard the news that a group of esteem scientist in Europe and the US have vowed to perfect Human Cloning by the end of this decade. . . . . In my opinion this is a "sign of End Times".
I do believe that before God will allow man to play creator; He will send His Son back to Earth to put an end to all this "NONSENSE" !
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I just wondered who's that thick guy who paied so much money for giving two strangers' child a name?
Or did I get something wrong?
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Billie, that is right, someone paid (I think it was somewhere around $75,000) to name this couples child

I hope it's something really, really stupid. That's what the parents get for being such soul-less, greedy people.

God help this child. He's going to need it, especially if this is how his life is starting.
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I think AP said it all!
God help this child. Let's only hope that they don't have any more!
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You know, you can call a child anything you want no matter what it's name is on paper. In my opinion the REAL idiot here is the person that agreed to pay it. If, when I reached 18 I was told I have $75,000.00 for letting someone name me, I'd give my parents a big kiss and have my name changed legally to whatever I wanted.

The whole thing sounds stupid to me, but the stupidest of all is the person who's paying up...
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everyone involved is stupid.

I just find it gross that these people can put a price tag on their childs name. I don't want to live in a society where everything has a price, and people will sell anything to make a buck
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3Lk - Surely God will send Jesus back to us before it comes to this. Cloning is just one more way for man to put himself on the level of God or just discount God all together. It's very disturbing.
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Darlene and Dawn....I totally agree....God will not put up with humans trying to be the "creators".
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