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Sunset Beach ended with a dream...not Passions (its still running)I am not sure how the whole thing will turn out, and I'm definitely not sure what the big suprise will be....maybe it has something to do with her getting that pillow last summer from the reading of Stephano's will that pricked her, just a thought. Belle has signed a new contract...I'm sure she'll be on for awhile, plus it appears as if they want to make this a "younger" show...kind of like Passions, so killing off Belle (one of the main younger characters) doesn't make any sense. I believe Celeste will die at the hands of Marlena...after that I'm not sure. I'm also not sure if Deidre Hall will leave the show (her contract is up in august of this year) JER says it's up to her. Who knows with this storyline anymore, but I'm getting tired of seeing the characters I love die...if the writers keep it up, there will be no one left!
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So, how does Billie know who it is? I dont get to watch it since I work. I just read the updates Isnt that why Bo went out of town? Will Hope die?
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The whole thing with Billie is apparently going to be just a waste of Bo's time, because he is suppose to come back with no more information than when he left. I hope that Hope will not die. They have said that Hope and John are safe, but obviously we can't always believe what they tell us. I am anxious to find out what this big twist is. It's suppose to be something that has never been done before on daytime, but I don't have a clue what it could be. Reilly also said that Shawn and Belle are the "money couple", so I don't think either of them will be going anywhere.

Btw, not counting Doug, I think there are suppose to be about 3 more killed. The total death count was risen to 12. (In all so far - Abe, Jack, Maggie, Cassie, Caroline, Roman, Tony, Victor - not by killer, and now Doug makes 9 - so yeah, about 3 more).
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My mom thinks that it's not the real Marlena doing all the killing. Remember a few years ago when Deidre Hall real-life twin sister was on the show and wanted to get plastic surgery to look just like Marlena and "become" her? However, this time my mom thinks Deidre Hall is playing both parts.

Personally, I think DOOL plays out storylines way too long. I only watch the last 30 minutes of the show because the first 30 minutes nothing ever happens.
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Soapfan has posted who the next victim will be, and actually I figured it would be this person.
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Hattie Adams !! That's the name of the character I couldn't recall her name in my previous post!!
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Personally, I think they are trying to get rid of all of the theories....next, thay are suppoosed to get rid of the theory that Marlena is possessed. Supposedly, there some new twist in May for sweeps! I am thinking Marlena's killing has something to do with being pricked by that pillow that was given to her from Stefano's will...who knows, but it's supposedly something that has never been done in daytime before...and no offense but an evil twin, or being possessed or even a dream or tv show have ALL been done in daytime before.....I can't WAIT to see what this BIG surprise is supposed to be.

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Did y'all know that they are wanting to start a new soap on NBC? A spinoff of DAYS that will include all of the dead people (the killer victims). I saw it in soap opera digest. According to Ken Corday, they are wanting to call it "The Other Side of Days" or "Days Beyond". What do you think about that? And yes, by the way, I am completely and totally serious about this.
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I read about the rumors about how they were going to create a show with the dead. I've also read, that supposedly the dead arent really dead? I get all of this junk off of soapfan's site.
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Why not? They killed off some good characters!
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If it does start coming on, I'll watch it!
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