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Days Of Our Lives - Any Fans Out There?

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I have been watching Days of our Lives for many, many years. I never miss it. I was just wondering if any of y'all have been watching it lately. If so, who do you think the Salem Stalker is? (I know the exact date that we find out who the killer is - if you want to know, let me know.)
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I have been watching DOOL for a LONG time! IMO the salem killer is probably John or Marlena. I read that it is a beloved actor on the show. It could be Hope too. Wasn't the episode where Sami kicked Kate's head the funniest thing?
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Well I watch it every now and then. I'm not a fan, just one those people that tune in when nothing much else is on and get glued to the storyline for that episode.

The funniest episode that I've ever seen was when Marlena was being exorcised. I know it's a serious subject matter but I couldn't stop laughing.
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I have watched Days since I was in kindergarten. I am now 26 LOL. Nice long streach to watch it huh? I am still a little leary as to the serial murder is. I want to say John only because he drives me nuts!! but I don't think it really is him.
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It is Tony Dimera, they caught him, he made bail, and got out and killed Roman Brady at his wedding to Kate Roberts. Or, at least I think Roman is dead, you never know on there. Stefano Dimera has more lives than a cat.
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i used to watch it, now i just read the updates off a website. i'm curious as to who the killer is, too! both deidra hall & drake Hogestyn have resigned for a few more years, as well as Kristin Alfonso. The site I go to, gives spoilers for the next 2 weeks.
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I just read the Soap Opera Digest.

I'm anxiously waiting to find out. I'd love to know exactly on what date it will be revealed.

On the other hand... I'm really sad that so many beloved characters are gone. They are all from the days when I did watch it faithfully. Now.... I just don't have the time.

I can't see John doing such horrific things. Or Hope. Unless they have Marlena as being possessed again and they'll write it in as it being her but not 'responsible'. Who knows with Soaps though.
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Originally posted by krazy kat2
It is Tony Dimera, they caught him, he made bail, and got out and killed Roman Brady at his wedding to Kate Roberts. Or, at least I think Roman is dead, you never know on there. Stefano Dimera has more lives than a cat.
It can't be Tony.He dies this month.

Here is a great site to read spoilers.


We(audience)are supposed to find out who the killer is January 28th.
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I think Tony was actually just trying to protect Roman.
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We used to get days of hour lives on ch5 but I don't think we get it anymore. I used to watch it..... and sunset beach.
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YA, THAT IS THE site that I read off of. maybe it's victor or somebody like that?
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I've eliminated several people (John is one of them). I think it is either Marlena or Phillip. Although, when Maggie was killed Phillip was with Cassie, so I'm not sure about him. But whoever the killer turns out to be, we are suppose to be very shocked. So it might be someone I haven't even thought of yet. We will find out soon.
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I've grown up with the Days characters. I have 35 years of DOOL viewing...lol.

Right now, I'm leaning towards the killer being Phillip or Marlena. I'm not sure, though.

I hated to see Maggie go

Any other possibilities for the killer?

Cindy W.
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What if no one really died and it was a dream?!?!?
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I know that the killer is suppose to be a well-known character. And the last victim is suppose to be really shocking and very upsetting. That has me very worried!
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it wouldnt be alice horton, would it?
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Frances Reid has a lifetime contract on the show since she is one of two original ones left. So I don't think they would ever mess with Alice Horton. I think I would have to stop watching it if they do.
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As is by killing off all the most Cared for people in salem the show is looking at losing a hugh audience of long time watchers. I actually sat and cried today as I watched Sammi crying on Lucas. Man RIP Roman.
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Click the link below to sign this petition to save Kristian Alfonso (Hope Brady). It has not been verified that she has been fired. Right now, as far as we know, this is just a rumor. But just in case, sign the petition because we don't want to lose Hope. She is a part of Days of our Lives - always has been and always will be. There is no "Hope" for Days of our Lives without Kristian Alfonso.

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I would love it if they killed off Hope and Marlena. I never liked either one of them. I was happy when they brought back Billie. I would like to see her back permanently.
I wish they hadn't killed Carolyn Brady or Roman Brady, though.
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I just found out who is going to be the next to be killed by the Salem Stalker. It was just confirmed. I'm very, very, very upset about this. I don't want to say if you don't want to know. So should I tell you?
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Doug - It's been confirmed.

By the way, when Bill and Susan (Doug and Julie) first came back this time, I read that Susan (Julie) asked them about that. She wanted to know for sure that Doug and Julie would be leaving Salem ALIVE and were not being brought back to be killed. They told her that that was not the case and that they were bringing Doug and Julie back for some relief from the serial killer storyline and that they had nothing to worry about. I can't believe that they would do that!
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Oh my!!!!!! That is just all MESSED UP!!!! DOUG????? They are killing off all the good people! Why can't they just kill of Nicole, Jan, and Bonnie? leave everyone else.
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Why can't they just kill of Nicole, Jan, and Bonnie? leave everyone else.
YES! That sounds good to me! I can't stand those 3 characters. They are a waste of tv time. I think I am more upset over Doug being a victim than I have been for any of the others. And, you might also want to know that they have asked the actress that plays Julie to come onto the show as recurring status. They will be showing more of her. But it won't seem right seeing her without Doug.
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I bet she won't stay for to long. She just won't be right without Doug LOL. You know I am 26 years old and have been watching Days since I was 5. And hate to say this but if they do end up getting rid of all the good people they haven't killed off yet I will stop watching the show. They are trying to make it more appealing to "younger" veiwers. But in the end they are losing all the people that count. Us Long time watchers.
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Bonnie makes me sick. She is such a sleazy pig. The other 2, Nicole and Jan, I could care less about. I hope they don't kill off Victor, I always liked him.
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I just went and read the spoilers for next week. I guess another character I like is being killed off. I am about to lose interest.
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Well, unfortunately Victor WILL die on Wednesday...thanks to Jan Spears. Victor says "Nicole" in his dying breath and Bo arrests her...serves her right. She's such a biotch. I am just wondering how many more characters will die. This is getting ridiculous...too many more get taken off, and I won't watch it! What is happening to my favorite soap!?!?
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can anyone figure out how this whole serial killer will play out? The writer said the twist will not be until May, and that it has never been done on daytime before .... I thought maybe after May, it will be a dream, but he said it wont be a Dallas thing. Also, the web host of soapcity had an idea of how it would all be a dream, but that is how Passions ended.
Then, I thought maybe it's one of those stupid things where it's not the real Marlena, that someone is posing as her? But, Days writer said it is her.
Any ideas? Do you think she'll kill Belle?
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