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Thanks Ryan! What happened with your big date? I knew that you had a good time, but hadn't heard if anything else happened afterward. I hope it's going great for you!
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Shell I think he looks great , consitering he was dressed up for halloween . Lets hope everything will turn out great for you .
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Originally posted by Shell
Thanks Ryan! What happened with your big date? I knew that you had a good time, but hadn't heard if anything else happened afterward. I hope it's going great for you!
Yeah, I think I kept the details pretty short in my date thread. We met another time for lunch, but I just wasn't interested after that. The red flags for me were that of maturity. -too wide of a difference in that area. I've had some dates with other women, but I just didn't feel enough spark to continue. Sometimes the other person does, and in those cases, you can't end up as friends either. So, I'm 0 for 3 and I've stopped dating once again. I signed up for some cooking classes at night though. That will be fun.
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Sorry to hear that Ryan! Ms. Right will come around when you least expect it. Hope you have fun at your cooking class! The women will come flocking to your door if they know that you're a master chef! That's a must in my book...since I don't cook! I figure if I can't nuke it, I don't eat it! LOL!

Good luck Ryan!
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Originally posted by Shell
Hmmm...just maybe I'll have to make up an excuse that I need to get something at Petsmart on the way to the movie? And...while we were there we just HAD to go see the kitties up for adoption. LOL!

Sounds good in theory, huh? Now if I'm only able to execute the plan!
Smart woman! It's worth a try!

Good luck with your next date Shell!
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Glad things went well Shell! Hope you have a great time on Saturday and fill us in on the details.

(I had a semi blind date back in October and I'm still dating the guy so they sometimes do work out)

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Does everybody still have all their toes, or have they been bitten off by a couple of big boned felines???
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LMAO!!!! Girl, you crack me up!

Looks like I better give ya'll an update before you bite my toes off!

Jon & I are doing well...and things are looking good. He came over for an hour or so on Friday night...nothing special, just to chit chat. He had plans with his buddies for the night, but thought he'd swing by to see me first. (Isn't that sweet?) Then on Saturday, we went out on our official second date. He took me to a VERY nice restaurant (sp?), then to a movie (Paycheck is a great movie btw!) & then we hit the clubs downtown. We had a blast! I got to meet his buddies & they were a riot! Jon seems so quiet & conservative compared to the guys! But they all seemed very friendly & "welcomed" me with open arms. We ended up hitting a local Karaoke bar (I was too chicken to sing...it's too early in the relationship for THAT! ) & it ended up being another late night. I think I finally crashed at 3am...damn, I'm not used to that!

Over all I'd say it's going excellent & may have great potential. He just so sweet! We were talking about my job (even though he HATES Walmart ) & I told him that I should find out soon where I'll be moving to. He told me point blank..."It figures...when I finally meet a girl that I really like, she'd move away". I didn't know whether to smile with how sweet that comment was or feel bad that I might have hurt his feelings. I reassured him by telling him that I may not have to move after all (I might get to stay here in Lincoln) or if I do, I won't be more than an hour or so away.

It's way too early to tell what might happen, but so far it's going great. It's just nice to know that there are great guys out there & not all of them are heartbreakers or worse.

Thanks Sess for reviving this thread! I'm still giggling over your "bigboned" commment!
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Wow, things seem to be going so really great for you! I´m so happy for you, he seems such a great guy! I hope you wont be moving to far away, sounds like this could get to something really serious!
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You never know what might happen!

I'm actually having a dilemma about it though. I really like him & things are going so good....BUT...he absolutely can't stand my company that I work for. He's at least open & honest about it all, but I just don't know if I can deal with that. I take a lot of pride in my job & my new found career, so it bothers me for him to hate it like he does. We have both agreed to disagree on the subject, but it still bugs me. He thinks that Walmart is anti American & against Unions...and there's no changing his mind because I tried! He says that he's happy that I found a career that I enjoy but it just doesn't like how Walmart runs their business. I've told him that I've worked for the company for 10 years & don't plan on leaving for many many more...and that I actually I plan on retiring with this company. He said that he can "deal with it", but he doesn't like it.

But other than that...everything else is great. Why can't things be simple & not so complex? Sorry for the mini rant...just needed to get that outta my system! Like I said earlier, who knows what might happen...but it's going great so far!
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I am so happy for you Shell . It sounds to me you are in hehehe . I does feel good though and you really need that feeling in your life .
But you never said something what he is doing . So what is he doing for a living ? I hope you don't mind me asking .
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Shell, I think it´s good that he is open about not liking Walmart. That way noone is secretly not liking something that could end up making a lot of tension. IMO he doesnt have to like Walmart. Walmart is a huge thing, and he can still respect your work and career and coworkers. Maybe someday you even would consider changing careers, not because he doesnt like Walmart, but because you would like a change or for any reason, even though you would still like Walmart, and it would not be because he doesnt, I am just saying that you are young and never know what the future brings you.
But at this point I would not worry about that he doesnt like Walmart. It´s a good thing that you agree to disagree, that way everything is in the open.
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it cracked me up reading this thread...where have all the nosy parkers gone???

shell, glad that things are going well for you... now.. things are just getting started, so dun worry abt the job and stuff like that...wait till things are much more settled and then decide on such issues...do keep us updated...
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Thanks Guys!

Hedi, Jon's an electrician & absolutely loves it. The whole thought of electric shock kinda scares me, but what ever floats his boat I guess. I think that since he's an electrician which is very Union organized might be a reason why he dislikes Walmart so much. Walmart has stood it's ground when it comes to Unions & how we feel that unions are unnecessary for our company. He doesn't agree with that at all, so he dislikes Walmart.

Sess & Kate, I know I shouldn't worry about it but I do. I'm just a worry wart! At least he was honest with me from the start & I appreciate that. Like you said, I don't know if I'll be with the company years from now just like I don't know if I'll be with him years from now. But it just concerns me because I don't want it to cause tension between us now or later on. I guess I should just stop worrying about it & take it one step at a time. I've just never met anyone who was so opennly honest about hating my company.

On a happier note, at least it hasn't caused much of a fuss between us so far & he doesn't seem too concerned with it. I'll just think positive & hope for the best!
Thanks again everyone & of course, I'll keep you nosey people informed!
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That's good news Shell, funny about him thinking TIKI was fat..

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