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Wish me luck...I'm going on a date!

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Just thought I'd tell you all my good news...I'm going on a date tonight. He is actually on his way here as I type. It's a blind date...sort of. We've both seen pictures of each other, but his pictures are 5 years old & mine are recent. I don't mean to be rude by saying, but I just hope that he's descent looking. I've been on a date before where he looked NOTHING like his picture...I doubt that it was actually him in that picture. So, I'm really hoping that this goes good. He seems like a nice guy from what I do know of him & hopefully, it'll be ok. I've got my cellphone on me in case of emergencies & I've got people to bail me out if needed. Hopefully, I won't need them.

Wish me luck guys! I'm nervous...and I hate that! I just hate being back on the dating market again...I wonder if it's worth it!

I'll let ya'll know how it goes!
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good luck! Let us all know how it goes, I'll to rooting for ya, girl!
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I hope it goes well! Good luck!
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Good luck! First question for any guy: Does he like cats??
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Good luck SHell!!! I know what you mean when you say you hate the dating sceen....me too!!!
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Good luck Shell. Hope you both have a good time.
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Have fun! Hope everything goes well!
Let us know how everything works out ASAP!
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Good luck! I haven't been on a date in YEARS! I wouldn't even know where to start. I don't think me and rich ever really dated, we kinda just ment, drove around in his car alot and then got married
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Good Luck Shell Try to have a good time
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Good luck Shell , I hope you have a great date today .
I am sure glad your got your cell phone with you , you never know if needet . Yes let us please know how it went and if you are back save at home .
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Shell, I hope it goes well. Wasn't it you that had posted about such a lousy date before? I do hope this is a better one that the post I remember.

Good luck.

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Oh gosh--I DO hope your date went well!!! It is pretty late right now (1:50am here) so you are probably home by now--or close to it... So let us all know if it went well! My DD is out on the dating scene again and I worry like a mother hen!!!
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Shell how did it go??! (Or is it still going on lol?! ) I hope it was great! You are so brave to go on a blind date, I've never done anything like that. Let us know how it was!
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ok.. i'm kinda late but good luck!! so how did it go???
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SHELL How did it go???
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Hope you had a great time!

*sits and waits with everyone*
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Morning everyone! Sorry I didn't respond sooner, but I just got outta bed from a VERY long night. We had an AWESOME time!!!! Jon's definitely a cutie & has such a positive attitude. I can't recall one second from that last night that wasn't spent smiling....he just brings it out in everyone.

So, for the scoop: He picked me up at 8:45 & off we were to a downtown bar called Cliff's. It was rather funny when he came to pick me up. He buzzed my apartment & I told him I'd meet him down there. I was walking down the stairs & he waiting by the outside door...and we both had such look of relief on our faces once we seen each other. Later in the evening we discussed that & we both afraid that each other were going be complete opposite of what we thought.

Anyhoo...we go to the bar, have a drink & then chit chat the whole time...nonstop. It was great! Then we decided to find his friends at hotel that was having their Christmas party. They were awesome people & we so funny! After we closed the bar, we partied in their rooms (there were 10 rooms total for everyone) & finally come walking into my apartment at 3:30am! We then sat up until almost 5:30 talking....the whole time! So, I'm a little tired but very happy with it all. I couldn't believe that I was still awake that late since I had been up for just over 24 hours! It was worth it & it was a great time. We haven't made plans for a next one, but we did discuss that the NEXT time we were not going to pull an all nighter!

So....it was a 2 thumbs up for me! Thanks for all your well wishes & it looks like they helped! Thanks again everyone!
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OMG Shell!!! That is awesome! I'm so glad you had a great time and it certainly sounds like there was some kind of chemistry.

Now... do tell (I'm sure I'm not the only one who wants to know): Was there at least a good night kiss????
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Could you tell I purposely left that part out?

YES...there was!!! And it was very nice to boot!
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Yep... I could tell you were sparing the details but you should know.... I LOVE details

*does happy dance* There was a (or some) kisses!!!!! Yahoooooo!

*refrains from asking more questions for now*

*hopes others do though.... *
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Oh Ghys! You crack me up Girl!

I know you didn't ask another question, but I can tell your itchin' to find out...

Yeah, for your answer......Several!
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OK!!!! No more torturing me. Give me details!!! How was it? Umm... how many kisses? How long were the kisses? Ummm... did your heart pound? Were your hands sweaty? Uhhh.... did you dance? Are you going to meet his mom? C'mon... Spill it all!!!!
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we want ALL the detials!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Glad that this one worked out well. You didn't answer the most important question, though: does he like cats? Being funny and a good kisser is fine but, any guy who doesn't like cats and/or dogs is a loser!
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Glad you had a good time Not to be nosy but what happened to Rick?
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Originally posted by Fluffy'sMom
Glad you had a good time Not to be nosy but what happened to Rick?
I was wondering that too!
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All of you are crackin' me up BigTime today! Such nosey people! But there are somethings that are not meant to be shared with others!
I can't believe I didn't reveal the most important questions outcome with you guys! Does he like cats? Yes!!! He even played with Echo this morning before he left & Tiki was curled up by his feet on the couch this morning too. Second most important question...Does he have any cats? No he doesn't, but he's definitely an animal lover.

NOW for Ghys' important questions How was it? Very nice!Umm... how many kisses? Too many to count! How long were the kisses? Long enoughUmmm... did your heart pound?Definitely! Were your hands sweaty? Umm..probably?Uhhh.... did you dance? No..we were not in the mood to dance countryAre you going to meet his mom? Unfortunately, his Mom passed last yearC'mon... Spill it all!!!!Ya happy now Ghys???

And the last burning question...What happened to Ric? Honestly, I don't know! We just pretty much stopped talking to each other & I haven't seen him since before Thanksgiving. We have different goals when it comes to our future (relationship & career wise)& I don't think it was meant to work out. He's a nice guy & I consider him a friend, but that's it.
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Shell, I´m really glad this went so well!
He seems like such a nice guy! I cant wait for the next date!

Originally posted by Shell
He even played with Echo this morning before he left & Tiki was curled up by his feet on the couch this morning too.
....So he stayed over then.... That should fill in one gap of questions for Ghys
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No comment!

I think I just revealed TOO much info!
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To steal a quote from my fav. show...
I can see by your smile that you had a good time, you look like you slept with a hanger in your mouth!!!
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