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New Kitten On The Block

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I would like to wish everyone a VERY HAPPY, HEALTHY & PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR 2004!!!!!!!

I have 6 fur-babies: Romeo, age 9-1/2 yrs; Smokey Bear, Little Heart & Cheyenne, all age 7-1/2 yrs; Charlie & Tiger, age 3 yrs. Romeo and Little Heart are black & white, Cheyenne is a silver tabby, Smokey Bear is black, Tiger is a brown tabby & white, and my little lion: Charlie (who is huge), is a orange tabby & white.

I do not have a digital camera or a scanner but, I do have a regular camera and Kodak picture cd's. So far I have an excellent picture of Romeo, Charlie & Tiger, all in 1 area together. I am working on getting photo's of Smokey Bear, Cheyenne and Little Heart. As soon as I get good photo's of them, I will definitely post them.

It is presently Little Heart's turn to sit on my lap, & he is resting his head on my gel-filled wrist rest. Tiger is asleep under the desk & Romeo is sleeping in his round tunnel, I bought from PetsMart. I haven't any idea where the other 3 are right now.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading about everyone's fur-babies!! And viewing everyone's photo's. My life is involved with: work, my fur-babies & caring for my senior parents. So I might not be able to get on & chat every night. Till next time, everyone take care & give your kitties, dogs, etc HUGE HUGS for me!! Thanks!
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Welcome to the site! Sounds like you have a lot of furry loves in your home. I love their names, too and I can't wait for pictures when you get them.
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Thank you Heidi, for the welcome. I took a short break, got my camera & searched the house looking for the other 3 'kittens', elusive Cheyenne, Little Heart & Smokey Bear. I saw Smokey Bear sleeping on my dad's lap, who was also sleeping at the time. So, I decided to leave them alone. After my folks go to sleep tonight, & all the furries start to settle down, I will be able to get the other photo's! Question: would imagestation.com work well with my Kodak CD, to have my photo's posted. Or is there some other way that would help?
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Welcome to TCS to you and all 6 of your babies. They sound wonderful.
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Imagestation should work for you. If you aren't familiar with linking pictures, there is a thread at the top of this forum that gives pretty good directions.
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Welcome to TCS! Look forward to seeing you around the boards.
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Welcome and can't wait to see pics of those beautiful furrbabies!
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Welcome to the site.
Look forward to seeing your babies. I've yet to show mine, she's on a disc.It's trying to remember to bring them into work to do them!

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WELCOME TO TCS,Glad your here.
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Welcome to TCS and enjoy your stay .
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can't wait to see pics!!!
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Welcome to the site Cat Spirit! Your family sounds wonderful!!
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just caught up with this - welcome to the site - cant wait to see the photos
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