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Do your cats greet you at the door?

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Zoey ALWAYS greets me as soon as I come home. Even if I've only been gone an hour or so, and even when she's sleeping She comes for head bonks and butt patts.

Saki strolls in a couple minutes late every time, all sleepy eyed and tired Then he goes straight for the food bowl
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I usualy enter the house from the site door and go right in to the dinning area . Well there are always a few cats there with their tails up and meow to welcome me back home . Marquise is so funny . No matter what room I am in and come out , he is in front and knot his heat like a yes and a big meow is comming out of him . Like he says Helooooooooo
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MK will look at me, meow very loudly and then run off to some distant room. Wierd stuff...

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George used to ALWAYS greet me at the door. I would kiss him on the head and pet him and then have to work my way up the stairs and into the kitchen as he would not give me an inch. If I had any grocery bags, he would have to check them out (pawing and looking into them).

Morrell also waits for me at the door. . . my daughter told me yesterday that he heard me coming 5 minutes before I even drove in the drive. . . he looked out the window. . . jumped off my bed, and went to sit by the door.

Molly sits in the kitchen on her favorite chair. . .
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A couple of them do sometimes (when they are in a good mood). The others just see that as "food time" (it's like they are saying "forget the rubs and the pats, just bring on the food!"). Usually they are outside during the day so they sometimes meet me at the car when I get out of it. I have to be careful when I pull up into the yard, but thankfully they only do that to my car. And I know to watch for them.
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Faline is always greeting me at the door with a meow when I come home from work for lunch. And when my husband and I leave together, our Nala will frequently be seen looking out our bedroom window when we drive off and return as to say goodbye and welcome home.
They are definitely sweethearts.
And our boys also greet us in their own frisky and inquisitive special way.
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Toes greets me at the door (even now when I visit my folks). Tailer just looks at me like, "Oh, it's you."
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Patches will be at the door when I put my key in the lock to open the door and come in she will be right there at the door. Tiger always runs away and hides under the covers somewhere in the apartment.
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My kitties always greet me! They follow me around the house until I fill their food bowl again!
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all 4 of my cats comes running to the sliding door when i walk up..if i don't open the door fast enuff spike and buddy will start pawing like mad at the door while pepper would start rubbing her body against the door while zebra would sit there looking pitifully at me.

when i walk in, spike immediately lay down, roll onto his back baring his belly for me to scratch while buddy'd jump onto my shoulder from the cat post and pepper and zebra would start rubbing against my legs for me to pet.

LOVE that kind of welcome!!
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Yup, both mine greet either one of us as we enter the house.

When we have people come over, there's two sets of reactions. If they've never been over before, Russell will decide to defend the house if necessary. He sits watching ready to pounce. If they've been over before, after a quick look out the window, they will both greet the visitor at the door.
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Berkley greets us at the door every time we open it. She tries to get OUT of the door in fact! It gets kind of annoying at times trying to keep her from following us out the door, but at the same time it is soo great having a little kitty greet me when I get home

The other cats acknowledge the fact we are home by looking or sometimes coming to get a bonk or a pet. Sasha flops down in front of our walking path to block the way until we pet him! So cute!
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Mixed bag.

If Fawn or Cindy is outside, there are greetings at the gate or even at the garage door (Fawn), hijinks across the lawn, etc. The path is definitely a "toll" path, i.e. on every paving stone, one must pay the "toll": a scritch for Cindy. If they're not out, Fawn usually comes to say hello, though not effusively; Cindy sleeps through it all and comes to collect scritches and whatnot after I'm in the house. Suzy waits for her subject to appear with the mail (she's usually in Rob's chair in the study) and deliver the required scritches.

The ones for greetings (all RB kitties, these) were Gryphon, who would interrupt whatever to race to the fence and be on it to collect his kisses; Shasta, who gave up trying to beat him to the gate, but in her earlier years would wait under the miniature Japanese maple for me to arrive (I got the dirtiest look in the world the day I peered into the branches without waiting for her to come out!); and Nibs, who didn't greet me, but could do major damage to my legs, jumping down from a lap to get to the front door to greet his Daaaaaaaaddy.

And these days, if we've been away, it's Fawn who comes to make sure we aren't a mirage or something. The others have to be "found".
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Dori comes to meet me when I come home, but she takes her time about it. She is always asleep under the table and when I walk in she looks at me, casually stretches and walks slowly over to me. It is so funny, because she makes the exact same movements every time. The only exception is when I have been to Petsmart. I guess she can smell I have been there, she runs to me at the door and sticks her head in the bag!
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There is always someone by the door when we get home! When we wake up they are ALL infront of the bedroom door waiting to fed little piggies!
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When I come in the house through the backdoor(we always use the back) first in line is Ceasar,my Min Pin, then Oscar on the floor right behind him and The Sammycat is always sitting on the dining room table for his customary greeting I have to watch it if I have groceries or something so I don't trip over Ceasar or Oscar. Ken is always making the comment that he doesn't get the greetings like that Gotta love 'em.

The one and only time that they didn't greet me like this was when Oscar had surgery(the poor baby) and he didn't feel like greeting me at the door. He did come in a minute later moving kind of slow to greet me with his usual chirpping sounds: I don't know what I would do if they weren't there when I walked in.
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What great stories you guys! I love it

Originally posted by George'smom
Morrell also waits for me at the door. . . my daughter told me yesterday that he heard me coming 5 minutes before I even drove in the drive. . .
Zoey hears me coming from all the way down the hall in the apartment building. My fiancee has told me that she'll jump up for no apparant reason and go wait by the door and at first he was like 'what the heck??' then 5 min later I come walking in She must hear my keys!
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Squirt used to literally recognize my car. When he used to go outside, he would come running to home if he saw my car driving in the apt. complex. If he wasn't in sight, I would whistle for him, and he would come running.

At the next apt., he would wait in the window and run to the door when he saw the car drive up.

Joey just kind of follows his lead.

Nowadays, both are on duty when they hear the garage door go up. If I take too long in the garage, Squirt always starts meowing.
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Because Kahu is deaf, he carries on sleeping.

Peedoodle sits in front of the door when we get home.
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nah, my cats are all neurotic!!!
they run and hide when anyone comes to the door...even me!!!
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Pepper doesn't run to the door, but he likes to be in the same room as Greg and I so he comes out from wherever he was sleeping when we come home and resettles in the living room where he can keep a better eye on us!
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When I to visit my dad Axl either sees me from the window and pelts to the front door or if he's outdoors he jumps on to the gatepost for scritches. Before I moved I had to be really careful driving home cos the minute he saw the car he'd start running towards it.

Jeepers is too lazy to come and meet me when I get home she just stretches out on the sofa and waits for me to come to her.
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Ours hear our cars come up the driveway and many of them are waiting by the back door when we open it. Scarlett, Muddy and Koko are usually waiting in the back porch for us. Stumpy, Bogart, Spanky Sage and Dakota wait in the kitchen (the room next to the porch). The rest typically come out within 10 minutes or so. All get head scritches when we see them.

With the new puppy, it will be interesting to see what they do - his main living space is the back porch and kitchen, and while most of the cats ignore him, some are not real happy having him here right now.
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meow meow would run to the door or if she is sitting at her fav spot, she just needs to lift up her head... as for boy boy, he usually would be sleeping by the time i come back and he usually doesn't bother abt me.. of course unless i come back really late then i'll get a scolding from the two of them...
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Simba always greets me. Snoopy used to in his younger days, but now he's too old to get all that excited. Shane never greets me, until I've been hope about 1/2 hour or so. My dog Strutter goes bizark! He's barking and jumping and running all over the place. In fact Strutter is going crazy even as I park the car.
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Oh, yes! One tabby & white kitty outside, four black & whites inside. Mr. Underfoot will jump into my arms as soon as they're available, too.
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Mittens always starts meowing his little head off as soon as I shut the door. Then I have to put some food in his bowl and then he starts kneading me when I sit down! Boy, I love coming home from work!!
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Originally posted by tuxedokitties
Oh, yes! One tabby & white kitty outside, four black & whites inside. Mr. Underfoot will jump into my arms as soon as they're available, too.
I love how you said "as soon as THEY'RE available to"...our lives are revolved around our babies! hehe...
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None of my Himmies meet me at the door! But Tigs will be lying just inside it waiting for us to open it and come in. Most of our ferals will run to meet the car and follow it in, then run off when we get out!Wierd kitties!
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Cosmo and Newman greet me most of the time when I come home,It's a nice feeling If there not there then I will look for them aand give them kisses and hugs.
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