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Tazzy girl

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Awwww: I'm in love with Tazzy she is beautiful
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So, what tv show was she watching?
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Sammie5 : So, what tv show was she watching? to funny .

Tazzy girl looks a little like my Moses . I am sure they make a great couple . She is a cute girl
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Tazzy Girl - Queen of the remote!!!

Cute picture!
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It looks like she is saying MOVE!! so I can watch my show, to cute she is
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She is so pretty!

I wonder what show she watches - Kahu is the same with the remote
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Gorgeous!!! And cute pic!
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Hi Hissy

LMAO! Kinda like me and the remote

Beautiful coloring on your baby!
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Taz is so pretty! So, really, what was she watching????
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Let me guess Animal Planet.

No really, How cute is that!
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She was watching Mike who was trying to get the remote from her! lol We think she is drawn to the warmth of the unit.
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