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I Almost Blacked Out This Morning

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I was standing in Wal-Mart this morning at the cash register returning an item I had purchased when I started feeling strange. (Yesterday, I woke up with a bad cold, but I don't think it has anything to do with this.) This is what happened: It started with me getting really hot. I started sweating badly. My mouth went dry. And everything gradually but quickly got dark. I could not see anything, but I could hear everyone asking me what was wrong, what could they do and should they call an ambulance. I also felt kind of dizzy and light-headed. I didn't move because I knew if I did I would just fall out. So I just stood still fighting it with all I had. Someone helped me over to a chair and after about 10 minutes, I started feeling better. (I was impressed that everyone was being so nice and trying so hard to help me). I have been nauseated ever since. I did not eat anything this morning before that happened. I'm not sure what I should get checked for. I don't have the money to spend on lots of tests (and no insurance). Has anything like this happened to anyone else?
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I wouldn't mess with it Lisa- I would go to a walk in clinic and get your blood and blood pressure checked! It is possible that it was just a low blood sugar, but I wouldn't mess around with it.
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Take Hissy's advice. Go and get checked out. I have been doing that for no reason for a couple of years. In July of 2002 I did that and stopped breathing at work. Thankfully one of the partners in the firm was standing right there talking to me or it may have been a few minutes before I was found.

To make a long story short, I have what is called Tachacardia(sp)That is where my heart races for no reason. If the partner hadn't been there I would be gone right now. I am not trying to scare you but that is nothing to play with.
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Go see a doctor immediately. Light headedness and dizzy spells can be quite serious.
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I am sure that was very scary for you .

But I also agree , you need to see a Dr and get checked out . The next time you may end up in the hospital and that cost even more then a Dr visit . Please go , your body is telling you that something is wrong with you .
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i had that happen to me a few months ago at work. i was standing up for about 10 minutes, in a monthly meeting, when I felt "strange" Good thing I grabbed a chair, because had I not, I would've fallen. I almost did pass out sitting up, but, I put my head between my knees, and breathed in deeply a few times. It was a scary feeling, belive me .. not knowing if you are gonna pass out or not. I could hear things around me, too. After that, I broke out into a huge sweat. I ended up leaving work and going home. A few people at work were worried and even emailed me at home. A few weeks after that, the same thing occured, but not as bad. I did go see my GP, and she thought it was my blood sugar that had dropped, because at the time I was taking guafin (which is the generic for Entex, which has guawfenicin and psydophedrin in it, for sinus infection/exporant) and augmentin.
But, I would definitely go see a doctor and see what they say.
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I agree with everbody go see a Dr. your problem could be low blood sugar, kidney stone or one of a dozen other thing that only a Dr. can find.
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Since you were standing, were your knees locked? A lot of people do this and it can cause you to black out (grooms do it a lot at weddings). My Dad also saw a lot of this when he was a ski patroller, people in the lines would lock their knees and pass out.

Still, go get it checked. It could mean a number of things.
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I definitely think you should see a physician to make sure everything is okay, but I have another possibility it could be. The same thing happened to me when I wasn't drinking enough water and was getting a little dehydrated. The first time I went to Vegas, I didn't drink a lot of water b/c I never really felt thirsty. I did a LOT of walking (everything's so huge there!) and it was hot outside. Then while walking through one of the casinos, I started feeling like you did and had to sit down. It was over fairly quickly though.

Also, it could have been a panic attack. How were you feeling before you started feeling faint? I have panic attacks once in a while and they are VERY MUCH like you described.

Just a couple more things it could be. I think you should check with your doctor to be safe. It could be so much more serious than either of those. (Not to worry you!)
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You say you had nothing to eat this morning it happened. This "could" be critical information regarding the cause.

It may be a long shot but you should get tested for Diabetes. Thaty used to happen to me if I never had anything to eat (although not that bad) before I was diagnosed.

I'm a Diabetic....
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Thanks everybody. I'm going to call my doctor in the morning and make myself an appointment. I was feeling just fine before that happened (just fighting a bad cold). I was also in a pretty good mood. Something similar did happen a few years ago at Six Flags, but I think I just got too hot or something that day. Also, when I stand up after I've been lying down - sometimes - everything will get black for a few seconds. Does that happen to anyone else or should I mention that to the doctor?
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Except for the black out period what you described could also be menopausal- I do not know how old you are, but I thought I would throw it out there as a possibility.
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Many years ago I suffered from to low blood pressure . And the signs you are talking about may be a result of low blood pressure . I used to get meds for that , but here you don't get any medication for low blood pressure I was told . How ever ... After sitting or laying for a longer time of period , you need to start moving your legs a little . Kind of like a exercise . If you were laying for a while start making the movemends like you are riding a bike for little while and do it slow . After sitting for a while , don't get up fast at any time . Start moving your feed for a little while to get your blood circulated and stand up slowly . At any cost , never get up fast . I blacked out too , so I know . The Dr. told me at the time to do all that , so I wont black out any more . I also were light headed at times and had headage's from low blood pressure .
I hope you get to feel better and please see that Dr. to make sure you are ok and it is nothing else .
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Except for the black out period what you described could also be menopausal- I do not know how old you are, but I thought I would throw it out there as a possibility.
I'll be 25 years old in June. (With all the female problems I've had in the past 13 years it wouldn't surprise me - all I've ever heard from doctors about those problems is "I know that there is something wrong, I just don't know what")
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Well I was 20 when I went through it, and 21 when they yanked my plumbing out. Hopefully it turns out to be that you shouldn't have skipped a meal.
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Originally posted by hissy
Well I was 20 when I went through it, and 21 when they yanked my plumbing out.
Hissy, wow that is awfully young for someone to go thru that!

When I was about 12 or so, my family and I went on a vaction to Six Flags, and I also blacked out in line while they were waiting to get the tickets. I guess the heat affected me, and ever since then i dont tolerate heat as well anymore. Usually, I can tell if Im going to feel that way. I even get that way when standing up for long periods of time in a restaurant when it's crowded. I've really never told my doctor. I did have a ct scan of my brain though back in October for headaches, though, which showed no abnormalities.
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Is there a possibility that you could be pregnant? My sister suffered from nausea and dizzy spells/fainting in the first couple of months.
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The medical term is syncope.
I did a search and found this site that might have some useful info for you


I'm glad you decided to see your doctor about it. I'm sure it's nothing serious, but it's good to put the matter to rest.

Best luck to you.
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Most of the symptoms describe a normal faint. In other words, when you faint, that is what you will feel. So unfortunately, a diagnosis can't be made with what you told us. However, since you are fighting a cold, you possibly could be dehydrated. Also, at your age pregnancy is a big possibility.

Rather than have everyone tell you what it MIGHT be and scare you, see your doctor. Everyone is trying to help, but this will just get your imagination running.
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Please let us know what the Doctor says...I hope it isn't anything serious. I will say a prayer for you! *hugs*
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Thanks so much everybody. I went to the doctor today. He seems to think that it might be hypoglycemia. I have to go to the hospital (probably Wednesday) to have some blood work done. When he gets the results of those tests, he should know more. I guess at this point, I still don't know anything for sure, but it really seems to sound like hypoglycemia. I'll try to let you know how the results turn out.

Definitely not pregnant (that time of the month).
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After reading most of those posts on this thread, my first impression is that you had hypoglycemia or you were pregnant...then I got to your post...phew! My uncle has hypoglycemia...he has to eat every couple of hours so his blood sugar doesn't get too low. Just wondering, but did they still make sure you weren't pregnant with a test?
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I'm not going to question your knowledge of your own body, but you do realize you can be pregnant and still have your period?? Some women menstruate 6 of 9 months. Do a home test just to be safe.

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I know that it's been almost 2 weeks since my last update. I haven't forgotten to let you know how the test results went. I still don't know! The lady that took the blood for the tests told me that the doctor would have the results that day. I called twice last week and talked to his nurse. She said he still hasn't looked at it yet! Can you believe that?!

By the way, Friday I had another spell similar to that one. But it wasn't quite as bad, and I was at home this time.
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Lisa, glad it's something treatable and glad you went to the doctors(sorry, for replying so late) I hope you're okay. Stay safe.
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Actually, I don't know if it is something treatable or not. That's what I was updating. The doctor hasn't read my test results yet, so I still don't know what's wrong with me.
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Cant you just go there maybe and ask direct ? Or just call them at least once or twice a day till they got enough of you and give you a direct line to the Dr.
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I guess I'll have to do something like that. This is getting ridiculous. It shouldn't be taking this long.
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If the nurse said to you that it would not take them more then a day I would make a little fire unter their bum bum to get them moving . I am sure they would move faster if it would be their health .
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You have to be very persistent with doctor's these days. They are so busy and have so many patients. . . Keep bugging 'em until they give you the results. Why can't the nurse give you the results??
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